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I really appreciate these enneagram posts. It's quite a handfull for a casual like me to find any viable and concise information on 6s that aren't riddled with inaccurate nonsense or stereotypes.

Thanks @timeless !
You are welcome. :)

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I have been thinking about this for a long time...

Id: 8,7,
Superego: 3, 1

So the numbers that are not in the bracket of the Id,superego,ego are overlapping seeking both the of the psyches territory.

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The right is more reactive. The little girl has been through a lot (the stones) and the shadows are swallowing her head, her body now and yes that can definitely be seen as lost innocence. Basically a death of an inner-child. The roads for me can illustrate both reconciling selves and reconciling with your worst fear and I feel like they could be the same thing. I feel like I have a part of me yearning deeply to connect with life, with love, with fulfillment - the "completeness" enneagram keeps talking about. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot reason with that part. It feels betrayed. Even if someone's actions hurt me, I was able to achieve a self-growth because of it, but that part is frozen, traumatized, can't get over how awful the original event(s) were. Can't feel loved, can't reason at all. Black and white intense untempered raw emotion. What would it mean to truly "merge" with this?
I really am not knowledgeable on Psychoanalysis but above is an excerpt from my description of a collage I made on Visual Typing. I have always wondered if what I was experiencing was Id, which feels like an "abandoned child" to me. It's really, really painful for me. I have never felt so much fear in my life. And it's an all-consuming fear...nothing can stop it. Nothing can soothe it. And I am trying to reconcile (ego) with what I am supposed to be (superego) which I believe is said to be the parents' voice? The superego for me can also take on the qualities of people I put on a pedestal almost as if they were my parents...perfect and capable of all the love I think I need to fix myself. And I want to reconcile those two to feel loved, to feel like I exist.

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Hi Timeless,

I've been a big reader of your posts and your guides to specific enneagram types. I read this today to get a deeper sense of where your theories come from. I was wondering how the id, ego and superego correlate with the centers.

On your 6 type, you mentioned that superego types like the 6 neglect the id. Is this because the cycle of the psyche is structured with the direction Id->Ego->Superego>Id? The superego types have active M and F centers that are used fulfill their core desire. I get the sense that the superego functions as an interface between the M and F centers. How do you think the M and F centers are related to the superego?

And also, I've been reading The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso Hudson. The way in which the enneagram centers are structured there seem peculiar. Take type 1. The 1 tries to overcome anger by blocking the instinctual center using the feeling center. And the 8 tries to overcome anger by over expressing it through using the thinking center. What I am trying to figure out is why is it that the psyche cannot block the instinctual center using the thinking center, or over-express the instinctual center using the feeling center? I get the sense that the flow of energy between the centers has a certain direction. It would seem that it flows either in this manner or its reverse: M -> F -> T -> M. Does this sound accurate to you?

Thanks for all your posts. It really helped me understand this theory.
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