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The Functions and Fence Building?

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The Functions and Fence Building?

So I don't know about anybody else, but whenever I read articles/descriptions over the eight functions, I would get totally confused. I almost felt retarded not being able to understand some of those lengthy descriptions.

Then a little bit ago I came across this website that gave actual descriptions as to what each function is like during the process of building a fence. I can say with certainty that I feel like I know the functions and which ones I use now, thanks to that.

But I really want to know, from people who are more aware of the functions, are these descriptions are very accurate to go off of (for someone like me, who doesn't always understand the long drawn out descriptions)?

This is what the website listed: Myers-Briggs eight functions carl jung, jungian cognitive functions, mental functions
The Eight Functions and Fence-Building

Ne - I want to design the fence.
Ni - Why do they want to do this and what is the deal with fences anyway? Is this necessary?
Se - I want to decorate the fence and make sure that it looks stylish and appealing
Si - I’ll take care of looking at the instructions and making sure that we follow the established guidelines.
Te - Is doing this cost effective? Will it be useful?
Ti - I want to analyze the structure and placement of the fence.
Fe - How will it affect the neighborhood, and what will the neighbors think?
Fi - I want it to be my own special fence that I can share with others over time
Given this information, I would label my function order as: Se - Ne - Fi - Te - Ti - Si - Fe - Ni, which is pretty close to what I've had before.
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I agree, interesting way to view at the functions.

Thank you
I think someone with a dominant Fi would first think about why the fence should actually be built based on their values...I think someone with a dominant Ni would think about what having the fence would mean for people and the world...
Te...could figure out the most efficient way to go about certain factors in the process of building it...

I dunno...maybe I'm wrong...somebody correct me if I am xD
The Fi one was the one I didn't really like >.>
I think we ought to ask the OP what kind of fence it is, because if it's a small one, why would the Ni care about the fence affecting the whole world. At least I wouldn't lol
I actually don't understand Ni too well, but my Fi description kinda kicked out the Ni one a little I had to put something >.<

Ok...what would you think about? How would your Ni play a part in this? Since you're Ni dominant xD
In my opinion, I think the Ni would be like "I'm wondering if they're putting that fence because they are going to build a bomb laboratory, where many terrorists from all around the globe will arm the biggest H-bomb history has ever seen." ...or something to that effect :p
I think I'm slowly, but surely, getting a grasp on Ni!
I got it's considering many different factors that others may not see?
Yep, pretty much. Except that there is usually one factor that stands out from all the rest.

Like for example, if a stranger starts following you in the middle of the night, Ni will start to draw out inferences of what it might possibly happen, it might lead you to believe that:
1.) He's going to rob me
2.) It so happens that he's going the same direction as me
3.) He is lost
4.) He is up to no good

If you're an experienced Ni user on the other hand, you will tend to choose the most plausible among all those 4 and usually it is correct. If you're not that experienced, you might become so paranoid because to you, those 4 choices are all very likely to happen and might lead you to wrongful conclusions.
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For some reason I always like to explain things with stories, so I'll try to do my best in describing these functions as best as possible.

INFP-Fi dominant I think Walmart is evil, it should be outlawed because it exploits and destroys the dignity of millions of poor people who are paid a misery.

ESFJ-Fe dominant But think of all the people that Walmart helps by giving them jobs and providing communities with cheap prices that everyone could afford.

INTP-Ti dominant So (INFP), if you really think that Walmart is evil, then are you saying that people who shop at walmart are also evil? Lets analyze this, shall we?

ESTJ- Te dominant Don't be ridiculous. Walmart exists because it has been able to compete with hundreds of other shops, it's more efficient, it has better service which in turn gives more consumer turn-out. I mean, how could you call that evil? It's capitalism

INFJ- Ni dominant I think that (INFP) has a point. I mean, don't you think it's a bit fishy that Walmart has been able to make other stores go out-of-business? I think that corporates from Walmart have some kind of support from politicians to take over the whole nation without being questioned.

ENTP-Ne dominant I think we should support other local shops and make them as big a corporation as Walmart. We could tell Target to help us out, and possibly make a Target-K, you know, a Target and a K-mart combined. Wouldn't that be a good idea?

ESTP-Se dominant You know what (INFJ), I think you should back up those statements with facts, if you want, I'll sneak into Walmart's headquarters and look for some evidence that would support or refute your suppositions. In my opinion, you're over-analyzing this you guys. No one is complaining, everyone is happy, I don't see the problem.

ISTJ-Si dominant Walmart has been an American tradition, it should not be questioned. If you look at their history, Walmart has donated millions into other charities, proving that in addition of being a great place to spend your money, it also takes cares of their community.

Does it help?:laughing:
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