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It's Swedish, which should by no means be taken as a synonym for "good". I was expecting a tight thriller on par with La Femme Nikita or perhaps Lola Rennt. But no. Despite some violence and predictable tension it moves with the ponderous air of a heavy icebreaker through a lonely fjord (I know they don't have fjords in Sweden, but let's say that a Swedish icebreaker is visiting Norway where they do have fjords, ok?).

Through a convoluted storyline concerning the Soviet secret police, computer security, human trafficking, drug-dealing bikers, sexual sadism, martial arts, investigative journalism and cell phones, we are lead to a conclusion that leaves us wondering what else we could have been doing for the previous two hours or so. Along the way we encounter plot holes big enough to drive a SAAB through, without even folding the mirrors back. A saving grace is that the characters are so thinly drawn that we don't really care what happens to them anyway.

On a less benign note, there's a considerable amount of hatred against men that isn't even offset by a sympathetic heroine. When the titular girl sets up her lesbian lover in an apartment she rented in her own name then moves to an undisclosed location, we know exactly what's going to happen when the bad guys come looking to take out fire-girl before she can do them in. After pulling her innocent friend into her mess, all she can say is "I'm so sorry". Nice. She's in a fucking ICU ward. The men are generally drawn as monsterous sadists, cheaters, run-of-the-mill misogynists, or -- as is probably most proper given the country of origin -- just kinda boring.

Some of the devices border on parody. Do Swedes generally keep milk cartons full of gasoline in their apartments? Are Swedes typically swayed by junk mail offers of cell phones as part of market research campaigns? Would a divorced Swedish man really be afraid that evidence of a fling with a 25-year-old Asian prostitute could ruin his entire life? Is congenital analgesia a real condition or just something stolen from the James Bond franchise, just like the title of a wasted character's PhD thesis?

So no. Not entertaining. Not enlightening either.

Good parts:

Lots of IKEA furniture
It's got that strange light that films made in Scandinavia all share.
Lesbian sex scene is kinda hot
Grave digging with a cigarette case

Bad parts:

The rest.

See Inception instead.
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