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MOTM Nov 2009
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If you are a Three, it’s likely that you:
  1. Have a talent and a need for accomplishment.
  2. Feel challenged by any task you choose.
  3. Always have a list of your goals, either written or mental.
  4. Are personable and know how to convince people to cooperate with you and with each other to accomplish a goal.
  5. Depend on your ability to put aside your true responses and be what you feel other people expect you to be.
  6. Know how to present yourself in a positive light but can be an internal pessimist when it comes to your own self-esteem.
  7. Are a free thinker who doesn’t pay homage to other people, no matter how important, erudite or celebrated they may be.
  8. Can create a positive attitude that energizes entire groups.
  9. Dislike negative talk or “bad attitude” because you feel that pessimism drags everyone down and blocks the creative force necessary to keep moving forward.
  10. Are motivated by rewards, so if you rest on your laurels for any length of time, you find yourself asking, “Is this all there is?”
  11. Can descend into self-pity or depression that may express itself as anger when you feel caught in circumstances that prevent you from achieving.
  12. Meet criticism of you or your work with a strong and well- worded response.

MOTM Nov 2009
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If you are a Seven, it’s likely that you:

  1. Are known for your enthusiasm, sunny disposition and humor.
  2. Are a sociable person who always has something to talk about and knows how to keep the conversation going.
  3. Line up several fun activities for your time off and often decide only at the last minute which ones you’ll do.
  4. Like most people and enjoy helping them whenever you can.
  5. Experience other people’s expectations as limiting your freedom and tend to resent and reject them.
  6. Feel that life’s challenges are opportunities to pull out all the stops and prove you’re clever enough to beat them.
  7. Have an inventive mind, but your love of new experiences can distract you from following through on your ideas.
  8. Like to work in team situations in which everyone’s enthusiasm about a project keeps the ball rolling and everyone’s strengths can make up for each person’s weaknesses.
  9. Respond to intense situations by finding a humorous side to them, changing the topic, or leaving the situation physically or mentally.
  10. Find it easy to come up with solutions to world situations or other people’s problems.
  11. Are stimulated by intellectual sparring and being on the cutting edge of a new venture.
  12. Are “turned off” at the thought of your life being stable, secure and routine.

MOTM Nov 2009
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If you’re an Eight, it’s likely that you:
  1. Enjoy having influence in all situations important to you, either from behind the scenes or in obvious leadership.
  2. Find it natural to manage resources and expect that at least your fair share of this world’s good fortune will come your way.
  3. Attempt to make your presence strongly felt in the physical world because inside you can feel unimportant.
  4. Can feel almost invisible until there’s a crisis and people need your strength and competency.
  5. Can fight for a cause you know is right and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. Can be gentle, warm and affectionate when you are around children, with animals, or in service to those who are oppressed.
  7. Can use your power to protect and guide your family and are capable of dealing strongly with and even intimidating family members, whether you want to or not.
  8. Are dedicated to values you perceive as important for survival or happiness for family members and friends.
  9. Have clear and firm ideas about what is right and wrong in situations important to you.
  10. Are generally on the alert for people with hidden agendas.
  11. Find that people who never directly say what is on their minds are the most irritating and difficult people to deal with.
  12. Are a practical person who understands what it takes to get the job done.
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