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I'd been noticing a large number of these virgin posts when looking up new posts to participate in so I decided to look up the activity on the subject. Turns out there are 54 active threads with over 2300 posts so I thought the forum might benefit from having a thread where all the pros and cons of this virgin stuff can be discussed candidly in one comprehensive thread. I was inspired to do this when I read this post. I think it's a good starting point and I have modified his post below to reflect what I would add but credit goes to him for the post, I'm just some seasoning on the beef he provided. My addition is in italics.

1. The opportunity to initiate a lifelong relationship with an intense, meaningful, bonding event.
2. The value and respect of the commitment made by both parties based on what was forsaken to have this uniquely shared initiation.
3. The sheer joy of anticipation similar to what one experiences before Christmas with knowing a present is coming to them but not really knowing what it is.
4. The limited exposure to many (not all) sexually transmitted diseases.
5. The pride in knowing that you had the will power to conquer a very deep physical urge.
1. The pressure placed on the event may distort a more natural outcome and hinder the beautiful opportunity you waited so long to have.
2. The value of the sacrifice you have made will be viewed differently by the two parties and become a source of conflict.
3. You may discover that you are either physically or temperamentally sexually incompatible with a person you have just made a lifetime commitment to. See here.
4. The very real possibility that you may come to regret your decision to bypass sexual experiences which may manifest itself in strange ways later in your relationship.
5. You will find your choice of waiting will draw increased attention to you as a target by a predator male or female.

He suggested that others might add some pros and cons he couldn't think of himself and so I provided a centralized place to do that. I don't know anything about you dude but I'm falling in love with your posts, nice work!
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