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I am eating the foods I did when I lived in San Diego but had abandoned as not possible to get or eat here in such a crazy climate and a place where I grew up neglected, abused, in violence, among drunks and other people with little to no discipline--my role models for doing the same in my own way.

Now I eat as close to whole foods, and less food, and as much organic as possible along with the best fish for little to no mercury and other toxins: sardines, which I've always liked, and they taste wonderful with tomato and a tad of unrefined coconut oil in the mix.

I am taking some of the strain I unintentionally placed on my husband, and he not only notices but lauds me for it, and we are affectionate in a way we hadn't been, couldn't be, with me so sick as he was more Mum and nurse to me than husband then.

One day at a time: Get up and face the difficult... knowing it isn't the impossible. \ (•◡•) /
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