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I got literally every thing done that I planned to do, and then some, today.

My husband is away at his church's annual Retreat, so I have the flat to myself.

I got up at 8:30 a.m. (after he left; I need to get up alone whenever possible, no interaction first thing) and got right into what I planned for the day, working through my mental list, and damned if I didn't do it all, including answering every VM and PM I had waiting.

I did my piriformis and other rehab stretches; took a shower; fed our girls (rats); came on here for a bit; went for my Vitamin D walk--took some clothes with me for the Christian woman whose ministry--her main one--is running a free store out of her garage.

When I got back I did the rehab stretches again, then put together my homemade hummus--didn't eat it too fast because I came on here and took breaks until I had the Main Meal finished with enough time for my sluggish alimentary system to do its stuff, and before that, or in there somewhere, I went through two closets, pulling clothing for give-away or store-away.

I answered all PMs and two VMs, which means I'm caught up, and 'now' I can play games. ┏(*‿*)┛
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