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Deep down inside,
There is always something,
You are not seeing,
Not yet.

Let it flow,
Welcome what is meant to be,
The pain will set you free.

For what hurts,
Is truth,
Through truth,
Comes solutions,
Through solutions,
Comes resolve,
Through resolve,
Comes peace,
Through peace,
Comes strength,
Through strength,
Comes justice.

Watch as certain people,
Truly believe,
Hurting people is good,
Don't get me wrong,
There will be people,
Who call lies a truth.


Though never let another,
Person's truth,
Tell you that,
You are worthless,
You never know,
If they are full of shit.

You believe,
What you want to believe,
Is real.

You make the choice,
To believe it or not,
In the end.

If you cry out,
Make sure someone is actually,
For your worst times,
You can end up,
Going to someone evil.

Love is a guidance.

Some bullies never learn.

Some bullies do so discreetly.



Reality hurts,
Though if your reality,
Is to mostly hurt others,
Who is to say,
They understand,
Your motives,
When you insult them,
Straight on.

Planting seeds of destruction,
In the minds of others,
Will only set the world on fire,
So let's watch the world burn.

Though there are also,
Discreet bearers of truth.

People will see to it,
That the fire is resolved.

In this world,
It's easier to be evil,
Than good.

So let us cure the corruption,
As much as possible.

Your opinion should be detached,
Not focused into mainly pain,
But for one to contemplate truth.

There is no light,
In forcing revelations on people.

Though you can try,
And know where you stand,
As you are,
Entitled to your own opinion.

If you seek to dominate the world,
Through negativity,
You will fail,
And plenty of people,
Will make sure of this.

Direct your energy,
Where you know you,
Are efficient,
Or this shall catch up to you,
And you will not find your full potential,
If you focus on destruction.

The reality is,
There are choices that make you,
Just like,
There are choices that,
Make you strong.

The perceptions of,
Right and wrong.

As Eric Hoffer says-
Is the weak person's-
Imitation of strength.

There will be enough justice in this world,
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