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I avoid forming a real identity that people know me by, in case I decide to use a different one. There have been sites that I've made accounts for on multiple occasions because I end up deleting them for the sake of completion, then later want to come back and make new ones.

I don't say anything to people because it's more organized not to say anything. Or more specifically, I don't say anything remotely personal or revealing about myself, I keep it very impersonal.

I try to remove people from my life rather than try to maintain connections, unless I happen to be interested in them at the moment.

I usually unpack right away after resting to prevent having to unpack later.

My diet is extremely narrow. I have a few staple foods which I keep large amounts of in order to prevent running out, and only eat if someone happens to cook something. I can't remember the last time I cooked for myself because it's easier to just satiate my hunger with a staple food.

I have separate barefoot and shoe zones to avoid getting my feet dirty, ever, that way I don't have to wash my sheets, pillowcases, and covers.

I wash my hands after handling objects that may have a smell or harmful chemicals. That way, I can smell my fingers and touch my face without a worry.

I wash my anus with water after pooping to avoid the hassle of using a large amount of toilet paper, and wipe my pee off in case there's drops.

My room and electronics are very plain and without personalization. Backgrounds can sometimes have a "rule of thumb", but since life can't be summed up with a statement, in the past it changed and recently, I just use blank backgrounds.

And now for the P aspects, or what seem like them:

I rarely shower unless I go out. I just wash essentials. Body odor doesn't bother me. I can sleep with sheets without washing them for such a long time that they discolor, and the covers develop a strange smell, probably because I learned that ejaculating in them is harmless and the covers can just be turned over.

I sometimes lived a hermit lifestyle surrounded by big piles of garbage because other things mattered more to me. It's only when I developed goals that the garbage hindered me in that I got motivated to clean it up.

I greatly neglected and ruined my teeth because I felt they didn't matter at one point. I also had digestive issues that needed attention, but I was too focused on other things and ignored them. I missed many important dates because I was too focused on other aspects of my life as well.

I can seem very disorganized sometimes, and that's usually because being organized isn't a goal for me at the time.

My floor outside of the barefoot zone is very dirty because I don't put objects on it, just walk on it. My toilet is filthy because it's not like I drink from it. I have no aesthetic problem with things looking gross or broken, and likewise I don't feel anything good from a clean-looking environment.

I like things considered gross in a sexual context, possibly because they boost the rush, regardless of what is actually being done or its actual significance. If a woman doesn't bathe, the excitement I feel from that makes me overlook the fact that she smells bad.

My T side:

The ends always justifies the means. If my goal is the greater good, then I can do very bad things to others, and to myself, in the pursuit of it.

I don't show my emotions unless they benefit me somehow. I feel uncomfortable with things that stir me emotionally because I don't want to be taken aback and sidetracked.

I give no legitimacy to my own human side, unless that in particular is the goal. Usually, I ignore my human side in the name of nihilistic beliefs or goals in my life.

I can be completely lazy, if that's the goal, or drive myself to burnout in pursuit of one.

My N side:

I spend a great deal of time thinking philosophically, determining what my goal should be, rather than pursuing something.

If I create a relationship with someone and it doesn't suit a new goal, then it becomes a hindrance. So I avoid creating obligations to people and avoid working. In the past, I could study dilligently at times, but it was more than offset by the times that I was sidetracked by things that I considered more important.

Although I thought my social life was important at times, I could not really connect with people due to being so one-dimensional and focused.

I only managed to have short-term sexual relationships in women, in which I had very frequent sexual contact. But once I learned that they require commitment in the long run, I left them.

My I side:

I dislike talking to people because of how complex they are, so I often fantasize about doing so. However, in reality, I don't actually reveal anything about myself, so I end up being an empty, quiet guy who for some reason puts himself in the midst of people without having a good reason to do so.

This especially applies if my goal happens to be social interaction, but again, people only get to know my shell because people getting to know the real me is something that would make the slate unclean. After all, nobody is perfect, and I don't want my imperfections to come to light, be taken advantage of, or hold me back from taking actions that "aren't me" in the future.

The only time I'm willing to open up is when I'm certain that a reveal won't interfere with any changes I make in the future. But since I can't be certain of my goals, that isn't common.

I can be a quiet generic person, or sometimes an outgoing generic person. Since there's usually no benefit in being outgoing, I'm usually just quiet.

I come off as a very normal guy, albeit with flat affect if trying to connect emotionally to someone isn't my goal.

Js are sometimes seen as ambitious. I may be ambitious by nature (J), but unwilling to settle for a certain goal (N), ignoring of my true feelings (T), and rather reclusive (I).
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