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'Perfect' is a word thrown around too much these days. Stick thin girls with fake boobs and implanted bubble butts are idolised, standing small next to ideal men of muscle.

It seems that, to my generation a thigh gap is more important than being an interesting person. Hip bones are fashionable to show off to the world, and collarbones are seen as some sort of glory necklace?
The idea of perfect being that you are tiny but voluptuous, able to eat loads but not gain weight, have the perfect smile but not get your teeth whitened, and whilst having all this going on, it is preferable for you to like certain music and have tattoos plastered all over yourself.
'Perfect' is changing the face of humans. I know a larger amount of people who have tattooed themselves and gone on diets, then those who have an interest in art or poetry or writing. I'm not saying that intelligence is everything, but I think it should come before looks or body shape.
'Perfect' is a pointless word in my mind. If being perfect means changing yourself from who you are, then I don't believe it is worth it.
By all means, if you want tattoos or collar bones, then please do what you want; just don't label those things as 'perfect'. It's that lack of thought that leads to people, like me, looking at themselves differently.

Honestly, perfect is different for everyone. It's been said millions of times by various artists and celebrities, but we forget it so easily, we don't listen as the message has just become generic society noise.
I just think people need to re-evaluate their moral dictionary. Especially with an egotistical generation forming, expectations are set higher and we need to stop before the pressure of perfection evolves humans into plastic-fantastic Barbie dolls with ignorant minds.

Comments would be greatly appreciated. This is just my view, but all ideas are welcome and I would like to build up this ideology. Thank you :)
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