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My name is GreenCoyote. I have been a member on this forum for quite some time. I used to discuss so many different issues and ideas on here. I owe so much of my life to the help and aid of many other people on here that are just like me. At the same time however I realize that working with personalities was limiting my own discoveries of the self. growing up with a very critical and critically minded father I was always taught to behave similar. I never trusted my intuition or the way that my mind worked because of my very logical upbringing. Over the past two years I have re-realized so much about myself and how my mind works.
After having a series of dreams last night I can actaully and accuratly describe intuition.

The INFJ is a personality type that is said to have an uncanny ability. Insight. Knowing things. Seeing things as they are or will be. Usually for social situations, trends with people, and often times very random things. Most INFJ's are so in touch with their own feelings (highly developed Fe) that they can access this gift quite often and use it as an aid in life.

YOu might be thinking, hey. Ni is what brings me visions, my ideas, what is to come. I would like to say that technically this is true. However I would also like to mention that AS feeling types we percieve a more accurate vision of life in this world. our feelings are the first most core human asspect about us. Feelings of all kinds can inspire thoughts and attract different kinds of people into our lives. Feelings might just be the most powerful asset to any human for they distinctly make up the flow of the human condition.

An INFJ who has a very developed Fe will know and understand his/her feelings quite distinctly. the visions that are always running through our mind, when laced with our Feelings determins our paths and our understanding as individuals. INFJ's who use this insight with groups of people to not only determine their paths but others as well are often seen as psychic or mystical. The urge to speak or know what to say before I have said anything has happened to me quite often. Speaking from a pure place of truest feeling, my own feeling and taking my empathy to a new level by interacting with others in that way has been extreamly helpful in my life and has opened an entirly new world.

I understand that in our minds (the mind of the INFJ) our end goal or what WE want is very important to us when doing this with people. we must really have an idea of who we are and what we are to become, what we are to make of others entirly reflects our own image of this world in the future. For me this was very difficult to do. I felt all my insecurities I have ever had about myself were the only thing that stood in my way from complete and true understanding about people. Somehow opening myself up and being aware and facing those issues made me more aware of everyone. the weaknesses we all had, what I needed to say to others to help and push in the smallest little way to do great things.

All of this newfound power scared me at first, and then I realized it shouldn't. In sacrificing my views and my world with all of it's insecurities that I have about myself I discovered a freedom to encrouch on others. To help others with my own experiences by simply being aware of my own weaknesses.

IN conclusion about us as INFJ, we see the world in so many different shades all the time, we play in our imagined worlds and live out conversations in our heads, dream of better things. In truth though we rarely consider an idea unless it comes to us in the glory that an idea does come. Glowing with warmth and good feeling, a mysterious tingle that shows us we are okay and that life has it's reasons for things.

I guess I didn't really entirly explain introverted intuition but I am sorry to say that it cannot be explained, it can only be experienced and sometimes, although rarely, shared using Fe.

It feels like I was in a dark room. a room where I could see everyone just barely. and then a light came on. it started to glow about everyone I watched or looked at. anythign I wanted to know was there, any medium of thoughts my thoughts came to me in I was witnessing it. witnessing them. suddenly I realized I wasn't alone anymore. It was not only me and my future but OUR future. I saw how every individual was on piece of string and that together we weave in and out of one another to form a sturdy rope to never be cut or disturbed by anyone because we are all the rope.

I realize that it is partly my responsibility to help weave this rope as it is the responsibility of others.
In this world of details the big picture emerged once again and I saw everyone for who they were.


P.S. I never practiced writing much. I hear we havea talent for it but I try to write how I speak.

anyway. I would love feedback on idea/form.
I derailed a bit and went into a tangent but I don't think I could have explained my origional idea that well anyway. lol.
whatevs friends.
hope this helps yall.:laughing:

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You have a good insight, and I've had a similar experience. One day it was like a light came on, but i think its comes with learning to accepting everything about yourself and when you do you become aware of everything ect. :p to lazy to write a lot Awesome metaphors
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