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This thread is here to tell the story of what inspired you today, and why:kitteh:. It can be absolutely anything from a person, to piece of art, to a quote, or even an act of kindness. Tell us, what inspired you today? Why did it inspire you? What did is inspire you to do? And how did it make you feel?

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Last night I was in a very melancholic mood, so I was listening to sad love songs. This song, and this artist in particular, caught my attention, and I just felt at home listening to him sing of his past experiences. His words were so powerful, his voice was so commanding, it just made me feel something I can't explain. I actually listened to him and I understood the message he was trying to convey. That inspired me to blog and to write more poetry (which I'm doing right now since I'm listening to him again, yay!) so I can hopefully clearly convey my feelings and my message I have for those I chose to share it with
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