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I'm posting this in INTJ since I'm looking for an INTJ biased perspective. There is a word or a theory for what I'm doing below but I forget whats it's called. It's like a brainstorming method... Basically I'm grabbing a single letter from each word and finding words that relate to that type so that it is easy to memorize.

Feel free to add your own version of this... Here is what I got so far...

E is for Extroverted, Expressive, Excited, Exterior, Exposed
I is for Introverted, Internal, Interior, Impervious, Ingrained
S is for Sensing, Strict, Simple, Serious, Secure, Staged, Statuesque, Standard
N is for iNtuitive, iNstinctive, iNtricate, iNfinite, iNdependant, uNethical
F is for Feeling, Flawless, Fantastic, Fever, Folly, Fervor, Frazzled, Fashionable
T is for Thinking, Trivial, Taxing, Tepid, Thorough, Testing,
P is for Perceiving, Passive, Postponed, Polite, Positive, Powerless
J is for Judging, Jugular, Juxtaposition, Justifiable, Judicious

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You missed:
E is for "Energetic idiots that never shut the hell up."
P is for "Pretentious gits."

Or, our own:
I is for Ingenious
N is for Nefarious.
T is for Tyrannic.
J is for Jenocide...

Oh, you think jenocide is spelt with a G? Well, I'll add you to the top of my 'jenocide list'...

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This thread...


From a completely biased and joking perspective:

E - Extraterrestrial, Extreme, Entertaining, Edible, Eccentric, Eerie, Effeminate

I - Imperial, Internal, Idiotic, Idle, Illegitimate, Illicit, Immature, Impassive
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