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It is time to rock the boat a little bit.
I'm tired of political correctness demanding that everyone ignore the elephant in the room.

This is an unhinged from my personal experience survival guide for ISFPs with (Fi, Se, Ni, Te).

First perspective to deal with.


This boils down to one thing.
Fe wants everybody to get along and keep up an air of synconiced feelings.
It is usually not a big issue for us as we can easily see the tide turning and sidestep it.
The problem happens most frequently when your mood doesn't match the mood of the group.
If you don't share the group mood, you must be very selective of what roles and frames you accept.
The best option is to find some way to extract oneself.
Now it is a pain in the butt to have to make up excuses to leave.
It really depends on how much you care about being able to keep interacting with the group later.
In my experience there is no problem with Fe unless Fe requires you to play friendly
with someone you do not like very much.
Still of all the shadow functions this is probably the one we have least issue with.
Our Fi is hidden for the most part so we seldom have to compromise too much.


Here we have a much bigger issue.
Si can become like a straightjacket keeping you down.
Every action you need to do as a Se aux is frowned upon by Si.
Si wants to extingush you like the little fragile campfire that you are.
It brings a big bucket and just soak you until you can hardly have any independent action at all.
To counter this you first got to find a space of privacy.
Ever been at the point where you just need to get out of the public eye,
cause you fear that somewhere somehow, someone will object forcefully to your creative action.
Si views Se as crude, primitive, uncivilized and many other negative labels.
This is very unhelpful for us ISFPs as we need to feel that we have free Se action to
really come into our own.
Once you have your private space break every rule you feel oppress you.
EVERY RULE!!! :wink:
Now take care and don't do something that will backfire.
Start simple, sitting on the floor is wrong?
Make sure to establish your own freedom of action in your own private space.
Now once you have done this and you feel like you have a feeling of freedom alone,
it is time to explore this with other people present, start simple and grow.
Soon you will be able to resist Si norms in the face of opposition.
However cultures being so diverce, I can't give you any specifics.
Use your own judgment and think things trough.
Consult the law in your area to know what Si boundaries are wise to cross and what should be left alone,
go on holiday to some more free part of the world if you want to try something illegal.
Maybe even move there if you feel that it is worth it.


This is ISFP kryptonite. Bending reality in all sort of directions and taking it serious.
This is where we fall of and feel overwhelmed. Here we are minding the reality
of the situation, being tied down a bit by Si, but still managing ok.
Then out of left field comes Ne with some idea.
Eh ok... is that even possible? Let me think about and consider this a bit.
But nooooooo Ne have to throw out another one and a third, fourth a never ending stream.
It isn't so much the ideas themself, but how much energy each one of them rob of us.
We have a weak Ni function, and whenever we have to defend this fragile paradigm
we struggle to keep our head over the water.
Continuous Ne is like a torrent of attacks on our sense of realism and sense of continuity.
We have to defend this sense of reality or else we have no firm ground to stand on.
The best defence is to be vocal over the fact that you don't want to deal with the isses set forth.
Tell them that this topic is over.
If this is not respected be prepared to leave or shield yourself in any way you feel will work.
The drain on your mental capacity here is not to be taken lightly.
It is a similar drain to being forced into heavy labour.
Managing to keep yourself out of situations like this if you are already forced to endure them
will give you a mental surplus of energy that will serve you well.


Luckily for us we we are not expected or required to be very efficient in a vacuum.
You will form time to time meet such individuals who try to impose their inner efficency standards on you.
Just dismiss them with Te and say you don't need to have such efficency to achieve your goals.
Do consider if they have a good point to see if you are selling yourself short.
Saving 50% of your energy is good, saving 0,0000003% of your energy to prove a point is ridiculous.

I hope this is helpful to someone.
If you want to hate on me for pointing out the obvious, then I hate you back too.
I won't bother to reply, so consider this my only response to negative comments.
If you have constructive critizism I will listen and consider it.
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