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Natural gift for inspiring others

If ever a type had a Cosmic View of reality, it is the ENFP. Everything and everyone are One, the ENFPs KNOW. This quote, "For those who are awake, the cosmos is One", was received via e-mail from an ENFP at the very moment this description was being crafted.

In general, ENFPs are warm, inclusive, charming, charismatic, communicative, caring - and fun. They love to interact for they are outgoing, imaginative and enthusiastic. In fact, they can be downright inspiring.

Naturally open-minded, they offer sympathy and gentleness to those they perceive to be "needy". They are, indeed, "people" persons and are sincere in their attempts to find antidotes to fit the suffering of others.

Being interested in both ideas and people, they often enjoy reading philosophies for life from a variety of sources, seeking a better idea over an older one, for they will, indeed, discard what they feel to be outmoded. Their "staying" power may become suspect when something "new" or exciting comes along. The old can be quickly replaced - including old friends if newer and more exciting ones are close at hand (at least in the amount of attention given).

ENFPs are genuine in their like for people and have a charming way of injecting levity and laughter in what has potential to be a grave situation. They find a way to bring lightness into the situation - which, at times, turns out to be inappropriate . This can sometimes lead to embarrassing moments of being seen as "silly" when somberness was decidedly called for and insincere when gravity was obviously the tone for the moment, for they can get "carried away" in a flash of spontaneity. And, unless mature or maturing, ENFPs are seen as needing to be the center of attention, "on-stage" or the "shining star" because they do seem to need to know that they are liked or likable.

They can be "so fun" as parents and affectionately warm as mates and kind as friends - but they are so easily distracted by the next new idea, new thought, new convention that their mates, children and old friends are thrown off-guard by their "unavailability" - psychologically or physically - time and time again. They are not the most dependable people in the world and, certainly, are not clock-watchers! They are, however, people-watchers, constantly scanning the environment - both inner and outer landscapes - for nuance of "meaning", the "flow of energy", no matter how slight.

But soft-hearted they are and truly enjoyable. Of them the unexpected must always be expected. They follow their own drumbeat and are not apt to be enamoured with tradition, convention or organization. They are able to be quite ingenious and like finding "another way" just to keep things energetically DIFFERENT!

ENFPs are capable of having very strong convictions about their core values and inner urgings that drive them to know "everything" about what they believe in. They can be found leading a rebellion against the perceived status quo or the unfair actions of the establishment. They will use persuasion or ideas to "fight".

Deadlines are the bane of their existence for they are great procrastinators - leading friends and family to think that their commitment is often shallow. They generally need assistance with goal-setting and must ofttimes be prodded to "get the job" done ON TIME. It is not that they are incapable, but that they are stimulated by the novel, not the tedious (to them) little details that just are not fun - therefore, not quite so important in a day's work. Being with people and friends is so much more important - even when they have a greater need for quiet meditation and reflection in order to find that Holy Grail of Cosmic Proportion, the meaning of which they wholeheartedly seek.

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