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Ayatollah of Coca-Cola
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Vacant, steel blue eyes

The reign of the moon casts tranquilizer upon the land

Warm radiation of love devours the cancerous growths of hate

Harness the power of dreams to exterminate the nightmare

Navigate the shadowy slums and suburbs with the light of insight

A flash of hope in every corner

A flicker of wisdom igniting the night

The fuel of fear powers the carousel of complacency

Anchored orbit of one-trick porcelain ponies

Realms of new discovery yet untested

Picturesque portals not yet penetrated

We are the planters of seeds, the weavers of dreams

The architects of bridges, the builders of beams

We don't haphazardly paint with the codified colours of past-worn coats

Tinted, shaded, and saturated

We make melodies by mixing notes

The orchestra is but a confluence of trained breath and hand

Pieces of a puzzle, instruments in a band

Living souls will always need to be nourished

Breathing conscience needs freedom to flourish

Illuminate the cavernous recesses

Of the unexplored mind

Chart the uninhabited terrain

Many treasures to find
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