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A friend started a PIF program. Once a month she goes downtown in a large city, picks someone by some rather generous critera and says, "I want to by your lunch, in honor of an angel I have known" and gives them a twenty. She realizes that some will by booze or drugs, but maybe more will do something to take care of their needs for a day, maybe share, and that can change people. She has had some medical bills to deal with, and I have joined with her - I give her the money and she does the donating. We haven't missed a month yet.

A simpler thing, when I am in line with a full grocery basket, and someone comes up that a few items, I let then go ahead - and say, Just pay it back to so stranger some day. Simple things, hold a door for someone that has their arms full - and about 20 % of my take-home( well, retirement pay) goes to charity or diredt person to person giving. And we (my wife and I) elped a friend who was terminal stay in her home til the end. None of this made a difference in by bank account - I just spent on others what i would have spent on myself.
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