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I'm the struggling artist/musician that got stuck in my family business 'dayjob' for 7 years, still remember right?

It's been quite a long time I've never come visited this forum,
and I'm just wondering how r u guys doing lately?
are u still constantly chasing your dreams?
hope all goes well with each and everyone of you! I sincerely do.

and now, the main story of mine (as an update):

I have a big newsflash I want to tell you (and coincidentally, just right after my 28th birthday just one week ago):
I have decided to take a leap of faith, and finally talking to my uncle (the owner) that I'm quitting my job, to pursue my utmost music dreams!
at last, finally, I can tell you all what I'm really feeling right now as I'm typing this:
I feel -strangely somehow- very FREE, unrestrained, and perhaps for the first time, after all these 7 years 'stuck' at a job that I have zero passion, I feel like I am FREED from all the 'chains' and 'prisons', and now it's really time to DO what I really want! :)

I also tell him (my uncle) my specific vision in that I want my music to get into international market (I'm thinking of mainly Japan and some Europe countries like UK, France, Germany for my type of music. but I'm also very open to other potential country markets for my type of music, such as China/Taiwan, Korea), as opposed to only my local market here in my country.

And to my big surprise, he is actually very considerate and helpful, in that he's actually willing to help me in asking around for connections/networking, from our overseas export customers! I am frankly just so touched by his kindness, so I just thanked him repeatedly!

This, coupled with recent music networking/connection I've been making one with an internationally well-known choir group from Phillipine, and two is with my other music projects there's quite a positive connection to Japan from my friend's friend, has somehow made me somewhat a bit (I wouldn't say much, I'm afraid REALITY would speak otherwise!..or am I wrong in thinking like this??) positive and hopeful that if I just add with me working hard and NOT procrastinating again (like I used to be in the damn past 7 years), probably things will turn out to be much better for my chances to really fulfill my utmost music dreams.

The problem is as usual though: Money, at least for NOW or in the mean time.
Now that I've finally have guts to tell my uncle that I'm quitting, and he's totally supporting me in my decision & vision in music, I'm back to "ground zero", meaning that I probably need to start living on my OWN (perhaps for the first time), and thus need to find some ways to get just enough money, to basically keep surviving/living and hopefully also some extras to finance my main music project.

Problem is: now faced with all this uncertainties, I am at one point thrilled ('cuz it would be a brand NEW world, finally, to me!!), but at other point, I can't deny that I FEAR so much, damn SCARED actually with all the what-ifs questions and scenarios, ie: what if I've made a wrong choice in quitting my 'quite secure' dayjob, while I still don't see so much real results in my music, what if I'll turn out to be a failure, despite all my strong visions & talents in music, and even with all the connections/networkings my uncle is very willing to help me??
I mean, we all know how everything, and perhaps more for Music/entertainment industry, it can really be all down to one single primary determinant factor: LUCK . and as much as I hate the fact that I can't control this factor alone,..but isn't *that* is the reality that explains why so many artists/musicians/bands, even the very good ones, fail to reach their utmost dreams???? (ie: Reality bites & sucks!).

The practical plans that I have to tackle the issue of "Money money money" for now are these:

1. I'll start to use my 'freedom' time to start connecting my friends, and will teach music privately. I somehow feel confident that I have quite an unique teaching method that proves to boost the music/piano-playing skill rapidly (according to few of my friends and my youngest brother that I've informally taught in the past), so in terms of business jargon, I would view this as my "strength", "marketable value" or something like that. which goes to my next point #2

2. at the same time, I'm also planning to expand much more by launching it online, both via websites, and also in some prospective online medium like Youtube.

3. and at the same time, I'll probably start more actively searching and looking for any music jobs, like arranging, or composing for jingles, etc etc.

ALL of these, while my main focus will always be to bring out & unleash my music project and bring it, very hopefully, into an international market.

Frankly speaking, like I mentioned above, this is both exciting, but also very hella scary to me!

Oh, and actually the second potential problem would be: my parents (especially dad's) reactions when he hear this news that I'm finally quitting! (yes I still haven't officially talked with my parents yet about this).

But on some quite 'positive' notes, I have thought that I would probably try to 'compromise' his (my dad's) shocks with a promise that now I finally can also help him in his other businesses (like he's always wished I would do so), while pursuing my music dream.
and second, I don't know if it's a good coincidence or not, but just few days ago, he actually talked & blurted out some words like how about if I go back to school again to take majors that I 'want' AND also lucrative one (I said 'want', because it's still largely coming out from his mouth: for me to study Accupunture, 'cuz he thinks it's going to be very lucrative, make quite huge amount of money, etc). so what I can take from his sudden 'blurt outs' like this is that....probably my dad IS giving me a chance to "rewind" and chase what I really want, instead of pressuring me to succeed in fields that is obviously clear to him that I am NOT passionate and enjoy in 'em, ie: oil business, telecommunication business, furniture business, things like that.

I need to know your heartfelt opinions regarding my moves and also my thoughts that I've shared above.
what do u guys think?
any opinion or insight or practical advice would be very much appreciated at this time!

I'm now 28, and since now I am essentially 'released' to do things on my own,
then perhaps this is really the age where I NEED to "undo" my damn past mistakes & regrets,
and NEED to DO and at least produce some REAL BIG results, by the time I'll reach my 29th birthday next August! ........I have to. or I'll become much more failures and getting more depressed & regrets!

thank you.

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Hi niki, I remember you from INFPGlobalChatter...

I don't really know what to say, other than: wow! You finally made the decision! You finally took a leap of faith! I can imagine it must be quite scary now, but at least take it as a good sign that your uncle is willing to help you. Apparently, support can pop up from unexpected places.
It also strikes me that you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. It was quite clear you were absolutely sick of your day job, but I think that your strong ambition and vision in what is your true passion (music) is a valid reason to quit. You already had talent, but now you have the motivation and the drive to back that talent up and make it something worthwhile. Now is not the time to have second thoughts. I commend you on your courage (because it takes guts to make a decision like this).
I hope your parents won't react too negatively when you reveal your decision.

I don't really have practical advice as I can't play an instrument to save my life and am unfamiliar with the music business. But I think it's wise to take it slowly and work steadily towards your goal. Undoubtedly it's going to be tough sometimes, but if you stay true to your vision then I'm sure it'll work out.
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