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The Misadventures of an ISTP, Chapter Three

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Something all my fellow ISTPs can appreciate:

Tonight, I wouldn't give my dad my laptop, because I was too busy reading the train wreck called "Social Problems?"

He says: I'm going upstairs.
Me: Can't you wait two minutes?
Dad: I don't want to wait.
Me: Fine. Go upstairs. See if I care.
Dad: *gets up and goes to the stairs* Don't you love that I give you your space?
Me: Yes. Don't you love how I give you your space?
Dad: It's my space. I take it. No one gives it to me.

:laughing: Priceless.
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One of the few ways I can relate to a ISTP. I can have limited patience for small talk in instances.

I hope if I ever have kids, one of them is an ISTP. Yay for independence.
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