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Hallo! So I've been really into both of Cassandra Clare's series for some years now, and I've never happened upon a thread discussing the types within her books :[
In case any of you were interested in typing the characters, here is what I think.

The Mortal Instruments:

Jace - ENTJ

Clary - IxFP (leaning towards N)

Simon - INTP

Isabelle - ESTJ

Alec - IxTJ

Luke - INFJ ?

Jocelyn - ENFJ

Valentine - xNTJ

Magnus - ENxP (definitely Ne dominant)

The Infernal Devices:

Tessa - IxFJ

Will - ENTP

Jem - INFJ

Charlotte - xSTJ

Henry - INxP (definitely logical, but he's always described as being the softy?)

Nate - ESTP

Camille - ENTx

Sophie - ISFJ


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As Will is rather a 'scene maker' when overwhelmed I'd estimate he's an ENFP/ENFJ :) I think that Tessa and Jem are both INFJs or Tessa could be INFP/An Idealist as well..She is rather capable of expressing herself well but so is Jem. Ugh, difficult. Let's say that Jem is a bit more considerate of other people's needs and happiness, thus he's the INFJ and Tess is the INFP.

Henry is an ISTP/A Mechanic/ for sure, always seeming deep in thought and world of invention. Charlotte is more of an ESFJ/A Caregiver/ in my opinion.

Nate...I don't even want to try defining that jerk. He's an ESTP/A Doer, yes.

Camille, hmm. ESFP/A Performer in my opinion.

Sophie, is an ISFJ as suggested.

Let's add somebody new, such as Jessamine Lovelace? :) Another ESFP? That's with TID.

Now let's go to TMI:

Jace - he and Will have so much in common, both Herondale fair enough. Let's say because he is less attuned with his feelings and argumentative just for the sake of it, he's an ENTJ.

Clary - ISFP because she's really good at drawing, but as suggested above she is rather an intuitive type so she could be an INFP.

Simon - an INTP, I fully agree.

Isabelle - appears to be ESTJ although she truly cares about her family.

Luke is an ISTJ and Jocelyn is an ISFJ (just like my mom...).

To me Valentine is an ESTJ, he lacked intuition and his repressed feeling function is what made him fail.

Magnus, such a charmer. ENTP in my eyes.
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