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But he would need to find a job to last 8 months until he starts grad school next fall. Then we both move to wherever he gets accepted.
So it sounds like you're both going to end up moving no matter what. Meaning that "hard to get" job you had will likely disappear anyways.

From what I'm thinking, I'd force that long distance relationship to wait 8 months until you figure out where grad school is going to be. In the meantime, I assume you'll have time to save more money with the parents for an -actual- move. Similarly, he'll save money in his current location.

Student loans can be killer, but if it's similar to the way it is up here, you don't -really- have to pay it, but rather just the minimum. I'm guessing it's around 5% APR and that the interest is tax deductible. Very the latter portion of that.

If you are madlyyyyyyyyy and wildly in love and you simply cannot endure it any longer then I'd say make him come to you. This sounds cruel, but you have a better fall back mechanism (parents) and you maintain your job which I'm assuming is somewhat higher paying. You may have to kick the bucket and screen yourself some roomies if it's in the $1000 a month range, that seems exceedingly high though... Are you sure you can't relocate to a developing city very close by? Even basement suites should be lower than that.

Nonetheless, I'd really stick with my original suggestion of staying where you are and just enduring till school is settled. I think you may potentially both turn into workaholics to make ends meet and you'll naturally have little time spent together + possible friction.

Best of luck though, sounds kind of exciting.
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