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I was wondering if anyone could help me type my fiancé according to my description.
We've been having a real trouble typing him and tests aren't helping:

He is the most talented person I know when it comes to making things with his hands.
He is a very skilled artist and goes to a art school but he isn't the typical arty guy - he wants structure and to make things look realistic.
Doesn't really like art to be too abstract.

He is also brilliant piano player and can basically do anything he decides to do with his hands.
When he proposed he actually made the ring himself.
He has also build an entire Arcade machine himself.

He loves video games even though he doesn't play them as much as he did when he was younger.
He is a real nerd (I think of it as a compliment) and all his friends are also. :proud:
He is most likely an introvert even though he is far from shy and even better than me
at meeting new people (I'm ENFP).

He doesn't like small talk though and loses energy when being around too many people,
unless he finds himself doing stuff like playing board games or stuff like that.
He is one of the nicest guys I've met, very moral and wants to do the right thing for people.

I would say he was a feeling type (but we're not sure) but definitely not very Fi (We've ruled INFP and ISFP out, know a lot of those :) too much feels can kind of get on his nerves.

But he is very considerate to other peoples feelings and can kind of feel it when people are feeling a certain way.
He is very deep, we can talk for hours about ideas, theories or whatever
so we're very sure he is Ne or Ni.
We've tried to figure out which one, maybe Ni because he isn't as over the place with his ideas as I am.
It also sometimes feels like he just knows or understands stuff in a kind of Ni way.

He likes science, especially stuff that he thinks could change the future.
He is very skilled planning stuff like how to make a room most comfortable and just makes whatever he thinks would be good.

But he is a terrible organizer (probably a bad ADD as well - so that should maybe be taken into account) and can be overly spontaneous when it comes to planning ahead (or remembering when or where stuff is happening) and can take a very long time to do stuff.

He knows he can do everything but he can just be lazy about it.
He sometimes has trouble actually "doing" stuff. So we don't really know about the J or P.

Anyway I've always thought he was an INFJ. But he has most often gotten INTJ on the test (16personalities) but yesterday he took it again and got ENFP and then ENTP (feeling changed from 50% feeling to 50% thinking) on the same test. I've read a lot about the INFJ chameleon "syndrome" and that fits him quite well.

He is very good at identifying with people and kind of mirrors the person so everybody is comfortable around him. He is really good at talking about "the right things".

We have almost never argued and we are crazy in love. One of the few things has made him pissed (he is exeptionally emotionally stable) him is f.e. when he has made the storage room perfect and people don't keep the room that way or when he sees people manipulating other people. smile emoticon He can be messy too - but that's often is a kind of organised mess. I think he is more Ti than Te because he actually thinks about stuff before he talks - I need to talk at the same time as I think (Te) but he doesn't. He doesn't like arguing ( I can be quite emotional about it) and I wouldn't say he was a "devils advocate" like the ENTP (my father and another friend is ENTP). Anyway. So possibilities seem too be: INFJ, INTJ, INTP, ENFP or ENTP. ...

That was a bit longer than I expected, don't know if anyone actually reads it - but if you do feel free to ask any more questions.
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