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Ayatollah of Coca-Cola
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Cleanse the palate of the bitter
Aftertastes of yesteryear
We have come in search of new
Cast-iron metropolis
Fresh, crisp, we acquaint ourselves well
New opportunity, burn down the ancient towers
I am the surveyor of soft things
The purveyor of offerings
In this new land we can forge new identities
Bask in the amenities
The opportunities do not present themselves
In showy, burlesque apparel
Instead we charge into the grim, grave night
Mining for lucrative beryl
The old authorities have no power here
Their influence abdicated
Eroded over time like monuments in stone
Or dutifully detonated
Down go the old nemeses!
Reduced to ashes and splinters
Their fruits have vacated the premises
Like the wear of a thousand winters
We will embrace these emerald meadows
Construct new constellations
Reinvent the universe
Redefine civilization
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