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Written by @WMDistraction

ENFPs and Organization

ENFPs are fairly notorious for their extremely unkempt rooms, and possibly for their poorly taken care of self. However, this is only in the physical realm. For me, and a couple other ENFPs I have the privilege of knowing, the ENFP brain is kept as tidy as the tidiest ISTJ's room. This may not even be apparent in conversation, but all of that important information we're spewing is kept under lock-and-key, for the most part. The elaborate, and mostly arbitrary, connections and patterns we draw in our minds keep the information tightly chained together (which is where our seemingly "random" ideas and stories come from).

For example, I was hanging out with my friend the other day, when he pulls out a jar of Nutella and some pretzel rods. I go, "That reminds me of a song!" The song in question was Tim Minchin's "Some People Have It Worse Than I." I just had to pull it up and play it on Youtube. The reason I related the Nutella to the song is that the very last lines are, "I could have a serious nut allergy and be shipwrecked on an island with a crate of Snickers bars, a jar of Nutella, and a fresh-baked pecan pie." The rest of the song had nothing do with anything my friend did or said. This is how my mind works (of course I cannot speak for everyone) pretty much all of the time: One tiny thing--a word, action, object, etc.--reminds me of a whole plethora of things, either directly or indirectly, and I must carefully select the one I find the most enjoyable.

ENFPs and Intelligence

ENFPs can be (and usually are) intelligent! Our brain seems hard-wired for pure curiosity, which (I believe) is a leading characteristic of intelligence. "What's that?" "WHY?" and "BUT WHYYY?" seem to be very common questions with ENFPs. We love to know things, however trivial. "Did you know that . . . ?" is probably a fairly common expression out of the average ENFP's mouth. We are (for better and worse) equal-opportunity learners.

It's kind of depressing to think that, for the most part, curiosity is made out to be an immature characteristic of people. Somehow, people make curiosity out to be a characteristic of undisciplined, overly-spontaneous, immature "kids." However, it can be argued (and should be argued) that the most intelligent people and the most breathtaking advances have been made purely because of curiosity. We flew to the moon; Einstein figured out General Relativity; Newton developed the first fundamental laws of Physics; etc. Even as I get ever-closer to graduating from college (so I can go back to... college), I never let go of the fact that my curiosity is what helped me, and will help me, learn.

ENFPs and Socialization

ENFPs love socializing. It's fun! I actually hate eating by myself, and I try and make it a point to find at least one person to eat with. Socializing is a time for ENFPs to figure other people out, hopefully other people ENFPs like to be around.
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