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[From the "INFP Stream of Consciousness/Vent Thread"...]

Last night I had a dream about being in an airport or train station, carrying a girl by piggyback as we looked for her friends... She looked the exact same way she did 4-6 years ago, which was probably the last time I saw her. Though as far as I can recall, we've never spoken to each other, and I hadn't given her much thought until now (wouldn't be the first time something like this happened :p). It was an unusually crystal-clear, more realistic dream; and yep, eventually we found the people she was looking for.

The silly thing is I found myself really liking that experience (I think I've only given a piggyback ride once or twice, if any) and wanting to do it again. And a bit weird because, again, I hardly knew her in the waking world. But I guess it's also a way to show that I have this longing for a carefree, youthful, and joyous intimacy with someone, even if it's platonic, to be a little more outgoing and feel less trapped inside my head. Also, her group of friends were mostly people I'd went on trips to sports championships together during high school, where I had some of the best moments of my time in Brazil. And I guess if I really want to go down the psychoanalysis route, the airport/train station itself could symbolize my love of travel, and the hope I'd get to do it again.

On another note, writing about personal stuff like this has felt harder than when I was on PerC years ago, to the point where I was even having doubts about posting this. Strangely enough, out of all the possible sources of encouragement I ended up being inspired by the cartoon Steven Universe - the creator herself says it's meant to celebrate all forms of love, and the main character expresses his feelings freely, gently, and frequently, without ever being questioned or mocked. She also said she tries to make her characters as real and personal as possible, so it's not like I'm reading too much into it or anything...

But anyway, giving piggyback rides must really be fun!:tongue:

Being a Naruto fan, this video is probably the inspiration for my dream. I guess it kinda sums up the feelings I'm trying to describe? (sorry about the quality)
English lyrics are down below.

Just as usual,
when I turn around that corner,
I merge into the sea of people
and melt away into nothing.

I lose myself completely,
and can find no words to say.
Yet, one thing, your voice
still remains, still remains.

Everything about you, your smile, your anger...
keeps me walking forward.
If I just look up, where the clouds start to break...
I think you know what I mean.
I think you know what I mean.
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