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I drive a blue tricycle with a gold bell.
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The PerChronicler

Edition 11 - Thursday July 23, 2020 -

Thread of the week

The thread of the week is a collection of beautiful pictures taken by PerC members, like this picture taken by @ai.tran.75:

Check out the pictures already submitted and submit one of your own!

Video of the week
This week we have a beautiful love song. It's not a grammy winning performance, but it has definitely won a place in our hearts.

Ban of the week
The ban of the week goes to ReallRSOfficial, an imposter account for RealIRSOfficial that has the capital i replaced with a lowercase l. Please check if you've given your credit card information and social security number to the right account!

Mod of the week
This week's mod award goes to @Cherry for setting up the new integration with the IRS. You can now do your taxes without ever having to leave PerC! Simply send all your financial details to the new RealIRSOfficial account and you're all done!
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