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Anyone want to have a shot at typing the Democrat candidates running? Or at least a few.

At the time of this posting they are:

Joe Biden
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Kamala Harris
Pete Buttigieg
Andrew Yang
Julián Castro
Steve Bullock
Bill De Blasio
Cory Booker
John Delaney
Tim Ryan
Beto O'Rourke
Tulsi Gabbard
Michael Bennet
Amy Klobuchar
Marianne Williamson
Tom Steyer
Joe Sestak
Wayne Messam

I suspect a bunch of these names will drop out soon.
But let's try not turn this into a political debate about who's better or worse.

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Biden: ESTP
Bernie: INTJ
Warren: ENTJ or ESTJ
Harris: ESTJ
Buttigieg ISFJ
Yang: ENTP
Beto: ESFP
Booker: ExFJ
Delaney: ESTJ
Gabbard: ESTJ
Williamson: IxFP
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