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The Power of Introverts: Susan Cain video

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I stole this from the INFJ forum and stormgirl posted it there first. Loved the video.


Totally love the part when she talks about the importance of getting back to the wilderness because it can help with your creativity, etc. Hiking and skiing are such a huge part of my life. They help me to recharge my batteries and let me know what is truly important in life. So many people always say why are you going out their alone (think they are more concerned about my safety! which is nice) than not wanting me to go because it is strange or they don't understand. I truly get something from hiking alone that I can't get from hiking with a group, and that "something" is so important and vital that I am willing to take that risk. That "something" is more to me than the things that I can get from hiking with a group, which can have it's own rewards as well.
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Why does it now allow you to post another PerC member's name after the @ sign? So that they can know they were mentioned? They should bring that back so people can give credit and let the other person know they were mentioned in the forum.
I agree that reflection as a daily practice is important. I think too many people don't set aside enough time to do this. Never given much thought to people wanting to justify their own thoughts or beliefs through empirical evidence, but I think you are defiantly on to something. I wonder if sometimes we require too much external stuff (ie people, their research, religions, etc) to justify our beliefs or let us know we are "right" per se. Much more difficult to just believe or feel something, with out needing any thing else from the outside to prove our point. I think this a gift if we can just believe something or know that it is truth, without needing something to back it up.

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Can't watch the video at the moment, but introversion often means some deep introspection. At times I feel as if most people feel they can justify their own ideas through providing some empirical evidence, a little argumentative intepretation and be done with it. Thinking beyond that is probably more difficult, and some may not find the time or effort worthwhile. In the end, I prefer to digest a good book, then sit and think on the porch while looking at nothing in particular. Reflection is a daily practice......take that away from me, and I get crankier than a skinned cat in water......Bagh, damn comp, oh hit up the mention function do this [ mention = (random number....without parenthesis) ] (name of member) [ / mention ] do that without all the spaces and it'll work.
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