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The Power of Introverts: Susan Cain video

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I stole this from the INFJ forum and stormgirl posted it there first. Loved the video.


Totally love the part when she talks about the importance of getting back to the wilderness because it can help with your creativity, etc. Hiking and skiing are such a huge part of my life. They help me to recharge my batteries and let me know what is truly important in life. So many people always say why are you going out their alone (think they are more concerned about my safety! which is nice) than not wanting me to go because it is strange or they don't understand. I truly get something from hiking alone that I can't get from hiking with a group, and that "something" is so important and vital that I am willing to take that risk. That "something" is more to me than the things that I can get from hiking with a group, which can have it's own rewards as well.
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I loved this talk so I bought her book and read it. The book isn't quite as good as her talk. I just felt that she'd gone a bit mad/bitter and twisted after living in extroverted America and she made some points that didn't really make sense towards the end. She just seemed a bit desperate to make introverts feel good about themselves because of her experiences. Pretty biased and puts down extroverts unnecessarily.

I still enjoyed some points that she'd made and a few of them were valid. Like the parts on the importance of self-insight and reflection, more people really really need to do that. Plus the parts on education and group work. I always hated having class time wasted on listening to loudmouth opinionated students. How can you even have an opinion on anything when you're 16? You can't even foresee the consequences of your own actions at that age. *facepalm*
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