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The question is not "To be, or not to be". It is "What's my personality type?"

I am suspicious of the accuracy of the Myers-Briggs test, so I would like input from others instead. I have tested INTJ for the most part, but I think I may be more of an INTP or some other type.

Throughout my high school career, I did well in classes I liked and okay (Low B, high C range) in classes I didn't enjoy. From an academic point of view high school was boring and monotonous. For example, I took a Chemistry course my sophomore year of high school and got an A; during this course, however, I spent most of my time sleeping during class--the situation was one where the professor, one who gave up her position at the local college to take over for a teacher that left mid-year, had to repeat herself over and over again for students who were either not paying attention or didn't care. Funny story in that class: I would regularly fall asleep, and the teacher adored me--I did well on tests. One day, a student--who was doing poorly--says, "Hey, he falls asleep every time we have class!" and the teacher responded, "When do as well as he does on the tests, then you can sleep all you like."

Now, even though I did well in Chemistry, I didn't enjoy it. I don't enjoy any class when teachers practically recite the books. If that's the case, I'll just read the damn book. The subjects that caught my interest in high school were music and English. More emphasis on music, though.

When I got to college, I was surprised at how well I did in my Composition 101 course. The professor asked, "Do you want to be writer?" At the time, I said no (I've changed my mind, but more on that later). In my Psychology 101 course, however, the teacher was presenting from Powerpoint presentations which he post online after class. It got to the point where I started coming late, leaving class early, and just reviewing the Powerpoints on my own. Despite leaving early, coming late, and turning my brain off in that class I got an A. The professor told me at the end of the course that the course wasn't intended for students like me; he also said he wished he could have challenged my friend and I.

On the other hand, I took a Developmental Psychology course which was heavy on discussion, and I absolutely loved it. The professor asked great questions, demonstrated some really interesting applications of theories--which I used to tutor my students much better. In short, I've enjoyed my heavy discussion classes like Philosophy, Developmental Psychology, and Cultures and Values but not courses where teachers recite the book--it's annoying.

I have many interests as well: English, Philosophy, Psychology, Business (all vague terms I know).

While I enjoy discussing concepts to no end, I don't enjoy hanging out with large groups of people, as I end up feeling drained. However, when I speak in small groups, classes, etc. I am fine with doing so, and I end up feeling invigorated.

I recently switched from a Psychology major to a General Liberal Arts degree (I'm at a community college). By completing a Gen. Liberal Arts degree, I can transition into a double major in English and Philosophy easily. Now, with all these said -- written -- I will stop writing because, well, I imagine I've bored the living shit out of some. Anyway, if there are any clarifying questions that need to be asked, please ask. And if you think I am a certain please, if possible, provide some reasons for why you think so. Thanks in advance.

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1st question - have you read in detail the descriptions of cognitive functions? :p
The test is not super accurate, people sometimes answer the questions as they think they should be, not what they are really like, so it is easy to get wrong result. Usually it points you somewhere in the right direction, although there are also exceptions and a few people get horribly mistested. So only way to determine your type for certain is to read over those functions that stand behind the four letters (things like extraverted feeling, introverted sensing, and so on) and decide which ones you seem to use the most.

This is a good website to get you started: Function Attitude
Also read through this one: MBTI Personality Type Dynamics
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