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"The Sopranos" may have been one of the greatest shows to have ever graced television. Everything was executed so perfectly: the dialogue, the characters, heck, even the violence. I watched the entire series in about a month and a half during the summer time and now I'm revisiting it again.

Here are my judgments for the characters. (I'm not sure of the instinctual variants of all of them)

Tony: ENTJ 8w7 > 6w5 > 3w? sx/so
Jennifer Melfi: INTJ 1w2 > 5w4 > 4w5
Carmela: ESFJ 2w3 > 1w2 > 6w7 sp/sx
AJ Soprano: ISFP 9w8 > 6w7 > 4w5 sx/sp
Meadow Soprano: ENFP 3w2 > 7w6 > 1w2 so/sx
Paulie: ESTJ 8w9 > 6w7 > 2w3
Junior: ISTJ 6w5 >8w9 > 2w1
Christopher: ISFP 4w5 > 8w7 > 6w7 sx/??
Adriana La Cerva: ESFP 6w7 > 2w3 > 9w1
Silvio: ISTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 3w4 sp/so
Furio: ISTP 8w9 > 5w4 > 4w5 sx/sp
Janice: ENFP 7w6 > 9w8 > 4w3 so/sx (I sincerely apologize if you are either an ENFP or of this tritype. :tongue:)
Bobby Baccalieri: ISFP 9w8 > 6w7 > 2w1
Johnny Sack: INTJ 5w6 > 8w9 > 3w4 sp/sx
Phil Leotardo: ESTJ 8w9 > 6w5 > 3w2 so/sp
Tony Blundetto: ISTP 9w8 > 5w6 > 3w4
Ralph Cifaretto: ESTP 7w8 > 3w4 > 8w7 sx/so
Artie Bucco: ESFJ 6w7 > 1w2 > 3w2
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