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The dreamworld and reality both splashing,
Waves are crashing,
This mind with some thrashing,
My heart conjoining into bittersweet acceptance,
Where love is of essence,
Essential in each person,
For one to reach immanence,
In the meditating deliverance.

Seeking the feeling of completed wholeness,
With such an instance I feel contentedness,
Through each day comes universal thought,
To look at the sky and see beauty,
A thought with a feeling meeting perception,
Seeking a place away from deception,
Onward I must find inner peace.

Through love and wisdom,
Pursuit in which light overcome the darkness,
Show yourself to me truth,
I must cut the noose and learn where to turn,
So I am no longer a slave by force,
No more will I let the lie hang me,
This desire to have a choice,
Bravery and courage must be found within,
While I wish I could trust everyone to be caring,
To consider the balance of logic and emotion,
Utterly people must know the broken must find themselves,
While they must learn how to love who they are,
Otherwise the storm comes back with an everlasting darkness,
Take a step back and see in which ways you believe in yourself.

I am walking down the path to finally see,
Life hand in hand with strength,
Musically inspired,
Here comes the place of beauty,
Oh music,
How I love you so,
Do you hear the music in one's voice?

Discreetly in the night,
This is where I place my insight,
What a feeling to find the song to match the soul,
So here I am and I finally feel whole,
This won't last,
I will wake up with a need of restoration,
Redemption in each day,
Don't mind my never ending search to understand,
Sometimes in the belief that it's never enough,
Today I confess I can secretly be a mess,
Right now I confirm that love is enough.

Here I am ready to ask some questions;
How would you express sorrow in one word?
I've heard people say I'm having a rough day,
So match me with a word,
Simply without exaggeration,
Are you hurting more than you're willing to tell?
Or are you just trying to take advantage of the situation,
Just how much do you need emotional support today?
One can just say "I hurt",
In reaction may come "I love you".

Today I know,
Let's not forget how much certain people care,
Let's not compete with our wounds,
While some may hurt more,
In their fear to just let out a single tear,
The genuine and the disingenuous,
Set it free and you will see you're not alone,
Through the support at which is truly needed.

Do you believe your soul is wounded at the core?
Answers in the future to show you more,
Mentally I'm going to go soar,
So thank you to those who took the time to read,
This is my departure,
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