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0-14 Childhood
15-20 Computers/Gaming
21-? Philosophy

Already as a child I remember having interests such as astronomy, mythology, paleontology and archeology. Overall it was a good childhood until the ending years which were very painful. The gaming phase was a relief since I had a change of environment. This phase was characterized by friendship, fun and discovery of digital realms. At about 17 I first became aware of some of the major questions in philosophy, I was particularly interested in understanding how it was possible to exist at all. This was the seed that would define my passion in life. As the gaming phase came to an end, technology lost its charm and philosophy became increasingly important in my life. At about 21 I had a powerful out-of-body experience that shifted the focus of my philosophical quest towards "universal spirituality" and the basic human instinct for transcendence.

During the next few years I mainly focused on an in depth theoretical exploration of various altered states of consciousness, transpersonal psychology, the unconscious etc. I view this sub-phase (22-26) as a kind of awakening, a re-discovery of myself. I had more lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences at this time than before or after. A strong sense of admiration and connection to nature and the universe somehow emerged, probably as a result of combining reading, meditation and extensive use of herbal teas. Mid-phase I was also a vegetarian for a time.

Also at about 21, I started going out with friends, drinking etc and I met new people including women, I was in love for the first time which proved not to be my area of expertise. It was a time of extraverted exploration in the social realm (Fe) that slowly lost intensity as the years went by. Past 21 my bookreading intensified and the intellect became restless and hyperenergized (Ti, Ne) while the sensing function (Si) receded somewhat. Now closer to 30 than 25, my developmental challenge is to become more active in the "real" world. :frustrating:
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Interesting topic after quite some time. Let me think.

0 to 15.
Till around the age of 15 (and a bit of it carried on for the next two years), I was immensely reckless, careless, failed classes, intelligent (always), addicted to gaming, skipped classes, date a million girls, be a grammar nazi and annoy others, make fun of society, didn't take life seriously, artistic, gadgets, metalhead, diagnosed with ADHD, given medication, etc.

Almost the same as before but, got my hormones a little under control and actually tried to improve myself for the better, discovered all sorts of new music, started attending local concerts, got introduced to cigarettes, marijuana, hashish, alcohol, magic mushrooms, etc. started accepting the fact that I don't fit-in, still screwed with my studies, flirted with teachers, improved my taste in music and life in general, got hospitalized for drinking, alcohol poisoning, gaming tournaments, ANDROID fanboy, detested Apple, etc.

late 18+ up until now.
discovered Buddhism and Typology, got myself into electronic/post-rock/ambient music, stopped being a grammar nazi or being too picky, started accepting others, started looking at things from other's perspectives, new outlook on relationships and friends in general, a bit more relaxed, feel like I gained a ton of wisdom years, been-there-done-that, etc. Started liking a lot of things I didn't before and started disliking a lot of my past,

I can't really write everything in a sentence format as it would be too lengthy and I don't have the time and patience at the moment. All in all, I like how I have changed for the better now. I still need to work on my self confidence, learn to take life a bit more seriously, stop procrastinating, etc.

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0-3 idk
3-11 shy awkward kid with buck teeth and a nickname to go with them
12-15 awkward teenager in a weird goth/emo/whatever shop at hot topic kind of person
16-18 super slut
19-21 transitioning from selfish adolescent desires to real world goals

Who knows what's next.

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0-9 Fucknuts
9-13 Major wake up call
13-17 Contemplating existence and my place therein
18-26 No hope, given up enjoying on life, going through the motions
26-? Pretending to care, pretending to have hope, ride the wave for as long as can be tolerated. Utterly lost.

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0-11 quiet kid who likes reading and instruments but also likes to run around outside
12-15 whoa... still reading, not going outside as much, introverted
15-18 fuck, time to go to college
18-22 college, outgoing, busy
23-26 whoa... jobs and going out and meeting people
26-29 moving, changing careers, more damn school

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I have not had stages in my life. My life has been one stage of improvisation dictated by luck, folly, circumstance, randomness, and a little bit of steering on my part. During these times I have been depressed, happy, apathetic, motivated, drunk, indifferent, obsessed, disappointed, disaster-prone, distinguished, [insert descriptive word ], in no particular order.

Edit: If there's any advice I can give to younger folk is to be able to adapt. Stages of your life should not be measured by age; it should be measured through the experiences you put yourself through. So young-ins: don't be hesitant to put yourself out there, take risks, and most importantly, don't be afraid to fail.

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I "go'd with the flow" during these years, if someone told to follow something I would, but I wouldn't necessarily believe it. I didn't start questioning things until later. I acted like an innocent child pretty much, but I was very curious and would always ask questions whether it be in my head or out loud. I didn't act crazy, I didn't give anybody a hard time, and I was always cooperative and calm.

When I was 5-7 and even younger, I was the stereotypical cute little feminine girl that was popular among other families and in school. I was always happy and cheerful, and people thought my added in shyness was adorable.

So around that age I didn't go out and search for my own interests, I just followed the things my parents gave to me and introduced me to.

When I was 7 - 9 my dad had a heavy influence because he introduced me to video games and a lot of .. not considered feminine stuff. My mom often got jealous of my father and I because I admired what he called fun better than my mom's. So I changed and became more of a tomboy. Instead of going out to socialize with my mom's girl friends I went with my dad to watch him at the shooting range or something like that.

In these years my parents had enough money to travel around Europe and I think that formed my interest and love for learning about other people and traveling.

In General:

- Easily liked
- Parents were loving
- Traveled frequently
- Interested in other people and cultures
- Had concern for others
- Read books
- Drew
- Liked learning (particularly Science)
- Hated listening to people but still went with it
- Quiet
- Socialized but not daily
- Had a love for nature and outdoor activities
- Liked video games


When I was 9 I started questioning things and realized I was more of a person of logic. I realized I was a different person from my friends and that I had a choice to be passive.

I started searching out more for what interested/will interest me, I was getting bored of the previous things introduced to me.

We moved to many different states in this time period, and I would constantly get bored because I viewed our environment as not interesting and the people all the same. I wanted to go travel to other places and countries.

- Fewer friends
- Seen as nerd or awkward by other children
- Played on the computer more
- Read LOTS but mostly information
- Never socialized
- Became awkward with former friends
- Started realizing a bit more of who I was
- Stopped doing and did more watching
- Started talking back more to my parents, but with wit
- Dual personalities
- Formed a love for debate
- Avoided people who I thought were "normal"
- Thought people were boring
- Hated "popular" people
- Mom thinks I'm "emo"
- Observers believe I'm sad all the time but I was actually always happy

12 - 14

- Computer/gaming 24/7
- Loathes school
- Only close friends seem to be on the internet
- Watched others and learned from their mistakes instead of myself doing them
- Only socialized with good or old friends and if the activity involved some sort of gain in knowledge
- Had a hard time saying simple things like "Thank you" and "You're welcome"
- Started watching people more and judging them, but silently
- Distrusts everyone
- Had a hard time trusting and liking people with different interests
- Disliked family-get-togethers
- Had some sort of belief that "everyone was against me"
- Constantly bored
- Always questioned self
- Hard time accepting certain people and things
- A feeling of "a piece of a different puzzle"

and that's it because I'm not older yet lol

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I don't know why but thinking back on my life brings me immense sadness of possibilities that could've been but are now not. The things I did and why I did them, I know will never be the same. I wish I could act like I did when I was younger now, but now I have my inhibitions. Anywho here goes:

up to age 5
I was extroverted, loved to go outside, liked hanging out with girls a lot more than guys, loved swimming and visiting parks, I must have visited every park in town, there were always many children playing there, and these days are categorized of sunshine, laughter, fun, loving parents. If I hadn't moved I would've ended up an ESFP and immensely popular and athletic, due to the swimming. I kind of wish I could experience what I would've been like now, had I not moved.

I had 2 friends, a boy and girl up until age 7, when they both disappeared for now. I hated school with a passion, I would hurt myself during recess in order to get out of it. I would act up all the time in school, and I wanted to get closer to girls, but they all thought I had cooties. The boy got me into video games, I kind of hate him for it. Every day I would play my PS2, go to school, get grounded from it, run away, get caught by police. This is probably why I like to be stealthy now. I did not do anything anyone told me, unless it wasn't in the way that they meant. (getin your desk, I instead went inside my desk.) One time a forged a love letter to the superintendant's daughter from someone I think she liked to dissuade her, I thought reading was really stupid.

I met my first steady friend around 8 or 9, Cody, he was a popular kid, and I would've followed him up to greatness, had he not moved at the end of elementary school. Met my second friend (ENTP) when we were assigned to do a president project, but spent the day playing video games instead (finally found someone who shared my interests). The two of my friends didn't like each other, I would draw with Cody who needed to go to special classes because he was not so smart. Speaking of, I had special classes in the previous stage, but I hated them because they seperated me from the group and made people think I was different, so I stopped going. My smartness started to show its face here. This also was my first year of middle school, where I got into reading from the warriors series (got addicted to it for a couple years, reading, not the series), also continued trying to get girls going to dances with me, but didn't succeed.

12-13, the beginning of the INTP
COdy moved and we ceased relations because he lived 5 miles away, and he would make us get up in at the crack of down to work on a treehouse in firgid winter weather, which I HATED. Before he moved, the first girl that I befriended upon moving here transferred to my school, and after a couple months of friendship, I tried asking her out repeatedly at the adisement of Cody, which didn't work and we became estranged. Also got a new tv during this time and fell in love with nature documentaries watched at home all alone, also science shows. I got kicked out of school because a teacher's pet overheard me saying "i'm going to kill you" to the teacher under my breath because she would pass out way too much homework. The new school I went to had all the bad kids in it, and I learned to keep to myself, made a couple of friends with the less savage individuals, was easy as fuck too.

13-14: I'm so cocky
When I come back from the academy rumors have been circulating that I threatened to kill the teacher with a plastic spoon, which I found hilarious. I acted like a bad kid, and soon enough a bad girl shows up at our lunch table. The first thing I said to my friend Chaz (the ENTP) was "she looks like she'd be awesome in bed". Initially she seemed interested in Chaz, but one day she came to school with a lighter and me, her, and chaz got in trouble, because they saw the flame, but we hid the lighter. Chaz got off easily, but with my and her history, we were detained longer. We were in the same room when the teache rleft to do something, at which point she asked me out, and I said yes. This lasted about 2 weeks until the end of school, because she didn't show signs of hanging out with me during summer or while I was in high school (she was a year younger) so I broke it off. All we did was hold hands. Freshman year of high school was the most uneventful part of my life, I can barely remember anything of significance about it.

This starts during 2nd semester of sophomore year when a cute girl comes up to the table and tells me her friend thinks i'm cute, the girl that thinks so is a cute redhead. It was a Friday, and after school, she started chatting me up on facebook, by Sunday I was going to ask her out, after saying I wanted to ask her in person.

I never asked her, and she didn't comment, over the next 3 months, we'd ask eachother out, but each of us wasn't in the mood when the other asked. We'd talk on the phone, but I was never sure if I was talking to her, or one of her friends, ditto with facebook. One day when my parents weren't home, her and one friend came over to my house.

I bet you thought we got it on, we didn't, we only watched a movie together, we leaned up against each other, and my cat joined in, but soon she had to go, we hugged goodbye, and the was the first and last time we hung out. This was a week before spring break, we said we'd do it again, but it never came up. She went to Florida for Spring break, and then my friend Mario confessed he loved me, which was incredibly awkward, as I am straight, I tried to discourage him, but he still wants me to this day.

A couple weeks after I end it with Kiann (whatever we had), because I was never sure of which of her friends I was talking to, and there really wasn't much going on. during the summer, I tried to restablish connections, but she was having none of it. We were in the same class first semester of junior year, and got sat right next to eachother, I wanted her, but not she me. At homecoming, Mario found me a girl that he thought i'd be good with. She was beautiful, but I had horribad acne, and couldn't converse easily with her, she is in the same Math class as me, and now sits right behind me, though at the time, I sat in the back behind her because I was a late arrival to the class, she marks the only time I lost track of the world when I was thinking about her. Never talked to her again.

second semester of Junior year, I started talking to one of Chaz's sister's friends over facebook, also got into MBTI the december before. Westarted getting along really well, though she was 2 years younger than me, also was an INFJ. This would mark the best relationship of my life (so much to choose from, I know), though she was always grounded so we could never hang out, and is what would ultimately doom the relationship. We'd kiss and hug at school, and hold hands, but that's it. After a month, she said she wanted a break, I asked as in me?, she said yes, so I broke up with her.

Everything up to now feels like it happened centuries ago for the record

Now, I'm slowly gaining lots of confidence, lost my acne, am definitely cute, I know girls are attracted to me, but I just can't talk to them for whatever reason, and it is driving me insane. Also right before I started going out with Mariah (latest gf), I could FEEL a chapter of my life ending, and the feel was soo bittersweet, I can't even describe it. I was about to make a leap, and things would never be the same, I loved that, but it meant that I had too put the past to rest, which made me soooooo sad. I have a feeling (and am hoping) another of these era ending feelings are coming soon, it so feels like it.

Were I to predict the future, i'm soon going to find someone I fall in love with, that feels the same way about me, I have a couple people who I think it may be, but am not certain. I kind of don't want this to happen, as I want to fool around with a lot of girls to make up for lost time, and am not sure I'm completely ready for a deep comitted relationship. let me rephrase that, I am ready, but I do not yet want it. I want some FIRE in my life, before I settle down...

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cool thread.

up until fifth grade- Normal kid with a thirst for knowledge only adults "seemed" to posses.
11-18- tried to be so many different types of people that I embarrassed myself and began realizing who I was.
18-26- thought Id known everything and began researching for myself the questions I had about life.
26- present- Comfortable in my own skin, still trying to figure out how not to piss people off while still demonstrating my intellect.. Also, I learned to forgive ignorance and realize that my intellectual fortitude is evenly matched in other areas by other people. (feelers, judgers, extroverts are equally as important, tho I choose intuition if I was given the choice)

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2 - 5 Early Childhood

-Highly trusting and curious.
-Had some experiences which have probably affected my willingness to trust others. Like being locked in darkness at the age of 2 by the teacher as a form of punishment to the whole class. Or an incident around the age of 3 or 4 when I got into a fight at school and the teacher told me that my mother was coming to the school. SHE LIED. -.-
-Introduced to gaming by my father.

5 - 8 Mid Childhood

-Moved out from a city to a small town after my father's death. Relatively rural area.
-Starting of the not-fitting syndrome.
-Not much interesting happened in this phase except that I continued to play games as a primary source of enjoyment.

8 and 9

-Moved to a metropolitan city after my mom got a job.
-Anxious about not fitting in and having been told that the education,etc would be better. Expecting smarter people and harder education.
-Withdrawal continues, disappointed upon finally learning that the people were no different. Made a few friends.
-Tried to be like the people around me, to fit in.
-Had my first existential episode around 8. While trying to sleep and realizing how it felt like only a moment had passed before I was in the earlier city and realizing that soon enough my mom would be dead too... and then soon enough I'd follow and how all of it would mean nothing in the larger universe. 2nd last time I cried.

10 - 13

-Moved again to another city.
-Much more rougher school, made a group of 4 friends, discovered affinity for computers and the obsession with gaming increased, got into MMOs.
-Got into LOTS of school brawls, 'winning' most.
-Came to realize that people around me were really not as smart as I had always thought they should be.
-Learned a lot about human nature and motivations due to a lot of inner conflict within my friend circle.
-Continued to try to fit in. Thought there was something wrong with me not thinking or feeling like those around me.
-Putting up a mask. Always cautious and hoping that the mask works.
-Had anger management issues. Once got into a bad brawl with 2 of my friends, I had bloodied one's face and had the other pinned against the wall with my hands around his throat. I realized that this kind of rage is very destructive.Sad at my lack of discipline and self control. Last time I cried.
-Those friends I'm still in contact with.
-Became HIGHLY suspicious of motivations and very distrusting at first of anyone.

14 - 15 Early Teenage

-Moved to another metropolitan city. Had to enroll in a relatively low end school due to arriving around the time session started.
-Hated my new surroundings.
-Made exactly 1 friend in school, an ISTP who seemed to dislike his peers and the school as much as me and was quiet.
-Learned a lot in terms of patience and self control. It requires a lot of patience and self control not to show your anger and punch a few people while they are jumping on the chairs in front of you and shouting at the top of their voices, on top of other things. Can control my anger very well beyond this stage.
-Learned about MBTI. Online presence increased greatly. IRL became greatly secluded and a period of self analysis.

16 - Now

-Changed school. This relieved a lot of my last stage stress and suppressed wrath.
-Made a couple of friends in school whom I can stand. Not too close. Still in touch with my ISTP friend, the one friend who understands me better than the rest in real life.
-Joined PerC when I turned 17. No, I had nothing better to do on my 17th birthday. -.-

@Richard I have had roughly a similar phase upto now. Currently finding life to be becoming more and more boring and losing motivation...

@Tophthetomboy you had a good childhood, getting to travel around Europe and such. Interestingly in your post you refer to yourself mostly in 3rd person. It can easily be read in terms of someone whom you are biographing.

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woah, stages.... how... linear...

I guess I'll try to post more tomorrow. Right now, it's getting late, and I'm kind of burned out from filling out application forms for summer jobs that said "list every single college you ever gone to" and didn't give me enough lines. -_- That, and some of the posts in this thread are absurdly detailed for people that are apparently so absurdly young. Kids, it's not that you get old, so much as the people around you start getting absurdly young. "Holy crap, you don't actually remember 9/11, yet you're old enough to be having this conversation?!!"

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0 - 11 : IDK, all I remember was I had a close friend whom I stuck to all the time, I'm religious, I love books, and I was always in the top five in school.

11 - 13 : Rebellious stage. Skipped school a lot for net cafe, started part-time job (plus drug addiction, still take one or two pills under stress lol), loathed school and religion, became a loner and self-proclaimed antisocial, and questioned things. I remember I was sort of bad boy back then. I hacked systems and websites, and vent out frustration a lot (and almost killed three persons, IIRC)

14 - 16 : Lost interest to hacking and computer programming (but still able to snatch a vocational degree plus some random computer certification though), headed interest towards literature, still loathed school but not as extreme, started to learn social skills, and gained few friends in high school.

16 - 17 : Realizing that my country's higher education system is a big bundle of bullcrap, but yet still taking part of it (yep, just started college this year, majoring Literature), and recently I've started to become antisocial again.

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I tend to mostly count my stages by where I lived.

0-1: Chicago Illinois, I don't recall anything from this time.

2-11: San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. I was a normal kid, or so I like to think. I had friends, we'd play outside a lot, I was still kind of a loner though, I never could just go and talk to someone just for the hek of it. But all the kids in the neighborhood knew each other and we were all always outside playing so I had lots of fun.

12 - 28: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'll separate this a little. 12 - 17 was my school years. I was always a loner that still had quite a few friends. Not close friends, usually that was only 1 or 2, but I was friendly with plenty of people. I kind of enjoyed my status because there was a lot of gangs in my school and I didn't want to be associated with any, I left them all alone, they left me alone. I just wasn't someone that mattered to them, but I was still large enough that they didn't just mess with me.

These were also my "I'm going to hell" years, I was going to a strict Pentecostal Church where I felt that everything I did/want was bad and I was going straight to hell when I died. Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore so I quit going. I wanted to just not believe in God, but I couldn't.

18-25 were hell. Parents got Divorced and mom fell into a serious depression. My sister and her husband broke up that same week my parents did and my brother and his wife not long after. But now it was my sister and I taking care of mom, my brother kind of went off on his own. We had to get full time jobs in factories because there wasn't much else for us to do.

This was also the time when I started experimenting with my feelings more, I started dating this woman, things didn't work out and it was a few years before I got over her. I ended up falling in love with a friend that was married and I did a LOT to help her but my own morals wouldn't allow me to do much about her. I also got back into Church, one that didn't judge me for every little thing I did. I still found many things I didn't like about this Church but it was a lot more bearable.

26 - 28: After years of struggling with many emotional issues and jobs, I was finally doing ok in a somewhat decent job. I didn't have any big issues going on in my life and I was living on my own. These were just fairly good years.

29 - Present (33): Mundelein, Illinois. I work in a much better job where I'm required to learn about a lot of different parts of the business and find ways to improve them. I live with a roommate not because I have to but because it's just convenient since he's my best friend. I still go to Church but only when I feel like it, a Church I love and I love the people in it but there is still too much about Church Life that just doesn't go with me, too much Feeling type of stuff and I'm just not comfortable with those things.

I think I'll be ready for a new step soon, but I'll continue on this one for a while.

What I'm hoping my next step can be is for me to move back to Puerto Rico, work as some sort of consultant, live basically for free only needing enough money for food and certain bills and then go around the island taking pictures. That's certainly a dream I'd like to live sometime.

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Stages? Well, every couple of years I look back and think "Wow, I was a huge idiot back then. But now I'm totally smart. Yeah."
Yep, that's about the size of it. Lois McMasters Bujold once mentioned a professor who gave the same test every year. He said that it didn't matter if the questions were the same, since the answers were always different.
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