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Hi everyone

About a month ago, I had absolutely no clue that this world existed. As far as I was concerned, anything regarding the words "personality test" were just a bunch of sentences and words that were put together to make you smile and say things like "Hey! That's so me." or "HAHA this is so true:')". Usually from there you would move on with your life. Little did I know that there's a rich history behind it, with YEARS of research done etc. and stringing together 4 letters to more or less accurately place you within a certain "category".

Like a true INTJ :) I researched my personality type till I became a guru and while I was snooping around the interwebs, I came across this site and facebook stalked the site for about a week or so until today, where I have finally built up the courage to register. Finding out my personality type has brought a few good changes into my life, which is surprising to me. That is what ultimately pushed me to register so I could discover more.

Great community you guys have running here and I hope to pick up on things that will be beneficial to my life.

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