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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTPs

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I thought that we could use a thread like this. I know there is a "confessions" thread, but that's not quite the same, and we haven't had a proper "INTP Madness" thread (which is my reading of "stream of consciousness") since the crush thread and it's ill-begotten clones were banished to the Land of Winds and Ghosts (also known as Spam World).

So (copying from the original):

Take issue with something going on in society?

Having a bad day?

Have something on your mind that wont go away?

Experience something so fabulous you just have to express it?

Accidentally sold your mother to a pimp in a back alley game of poker?

Have an idea, or discover something so amazing you must tell everyone?

Post your vent (or experience, idea, etc.) here!

This thread is not for venting about other members, the moderators, or the forum.
Don't over-spam the thread (I can't expect INTPs not to spam a least a little) lest it be sent screaming into the spam-abyss.
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If I read one more manga or comic, watch one more anime, TV show, or movie, where one of the very few women on the cast does the "Slap of Sense Into My Love Interest", I'm going to buy a gun, and I am going to shoot every man in the crotch.


It's probably no big deal, but I hate it. Every time I see the Sense Slap, I get a sick feeling in my stomach, and fierce need to break things. Am I supposed to take it as, "Look! These men are insanely powerful, but she made him think just by slapping him omgwtfbbq wimmenz is so powerful derp."
I realize, women are not as strong as men IRL, and blah blah blah, but if you have a comic where people are flying around, or they're fighting with darkness and light themselves, &c, I think it's safe to bend the rules a bit more.

Some days, I just want to see a lady punch a whole in the wall and have it be 'No Big D'. I'd like to see her do something epic, and have it be epic because IT IS EPIC, and not because she is a wimmenz in a gaiz wurld. Is that so bad?


I love your signature, Zombie Jesus.
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I found a way to not let my überfeminazism ruin a game; it's the same method I use to enjoy a Harry Potter movie.

"Remember that this is a MOVIE, not a book. This is not the book as you imagined it but on the big screen. These are SEPERATE entities. There will be differences."

I applied it while watching some Bayonetta gameplay.

"Remember that that is VIDEO GAME character. These are not actual women as you see them but on the screen. These are SEPARATE entities. There will be differences."

The only downside is that suddenly there are very, very few females in games at all.
But! Look at the way that boobèd thing moves! Double pistols are awesome.

<< Surprisingly useful.
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I've been thinking about buying some cheap land in the countryside, really isolated, and building a cabin with a hidden basement stocked with provisions and what not, just in case Great Depression Part 2 happens causing (because I don't think modern society can handle this) societal collapse (at least temporarily). Am I being paranoid?

Bah, this will probably be my latest two week obsession, which I'll forget when I start trying to learn how to program a genocidal AI with a god complex, or how to make some kind of human-reptile hybrid, or whatever...
I usually don't have any strong feelings towards politics; I love listening and talking about them, but I don't feel anything big. I also like discussing the downfalls of countries, the downfall of the US, chaos in the streets, etc.

When I heard that the US's credit was downgraded by one of the big Credit Companies™, I felt a pang of concern. Now that I'm going to live on my own, and I can't mooch off my parents, the prospect of total meltdown was actually scary.
It was also 100x more exciting, as the possibility of it grows.

On an unrelated note, Conway's Game Of Life. Holy shit. I love this. I love this.
If they had talked to me about cellular automation in math class, I would have been all over it.
Damn it, this is awesome.
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... would anyone be up to collaborative conlanging?
I want to make that language in the INTP Ideal Society thread, but if I do it myself, it may as well be just Valiumslang.
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Shall we make a wiki or somesuch to house our efforts?
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Er, are we discussing everything here, then?

If we are...

I think it'd be good if we had a simple phonology/morphology. Not simple like Toki Pona, but with very few curveballs.

I should probably mention I'm also a noob to conlanging. I'm still learning all the terminology &c.
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I just had the best dream in a while. (Upon reread, it sounds very stupid. xD But it was like watching Waiting or one of those This Took Place In A Few Hours movies.)

Of two people standing on a huge wall. It's in the desert, and it extends over to some mountains.
They spend the first half of the dream shooting zombies with bows and arrows and going on about how they can shoot an arrow several miles, and whether they should switch to a sniper rifle or not. They spend the second half shooting zombies and also talking about the wall and how unrealistic the whole place is.

Quote unquote "This is stupid." and one of them shoots a zombie.

Quote unquote
"Jesus, man. Look at that. How can a wall be this tall and thin and not just fall over." Shoot a zombie.
"I don't feel safe up here." Shoot a zombie.
"This is pretty unrealistic." Zombie=shot.

Cue five minutes of them deciding how the wall could be better, and ignoring dream-reality and constructing some walls of their own to test their theories out... whether or not a wall can have just a thick base, or if the width should be the same up-and-down, or if it can be built up the the sky and attached [lolwut] to provide more support... how the hell the first wall is standing anyways, and then the best way to knock it over. (TNT, a decision clearly influenced by Minecraft.)
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I'm an unbelievable dumbass.
And that is all that should be said on the matter.
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So, I'm studying Japanese at 2 am. Nothing unusual, right? Where does the time go. Seriously.

I start reading this practice sentence, 私は明日美術館へ行きます.

My mind starts glossing it as "I (topic) today..." mixing up 明日 (ashita tomorrow), with 今日 (kyou today), a word that had shown up earlier.

BUT. BUT. OH HO HO HO. My mouth started saying Watashi wa ashita... "I (topic) tomorrow..."

My mouth totally overrode my mind. I simultaneously fucked up and got right this sentence.

This is incredibly unimportant. But very exciting, especially at 2 am.
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Always a joy seeing another language enthusiast. Casual hobby?
It was, until college. I study Japanese (and several other random languages) for fun, but I'm studying French more thoroughly.

What about you? :D
Post deleted. Trying to make like 50 jokes at one time. Bad idea.
That picture is the perfect representation of the majority of me and my bff's interactions.
Is there a word for it?
Steve Kardynal was born in the Town Without Streets.
The aunt is clearly his follower.

This is facts.
I really wish that on the days I go and spout some maxim, I don't.
Because afterwards, I generally notice the contents more and more and more, and they infuriate me more and more and more.

Like the day I messed something up, and my parents were about to lay into me about it, and they said "No excuses." and I shouted "AN EXCUSE IS A REASON YOU DON'T LIKE. I HAVE GOOD freaking REASONS." and they backed off.

And now seeing the word "excuse" makes me angry.
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."

"If you never ask, the answer is always no."

I can't even begin to tell you how helpful these trashé cliché bumper stick mottos have been to me.
I keep getting split-second flashes of things I can't remember, probably two or three times a day.

I'll remember the sun, a certain glow from a light, or a soft sun on a field, or the sun behind some trees, a memory of a character from a dream, an atmosphere in a room, in a city, in an alley, a vague something from a wonderful dream, another person from a dream.
All these tiny bursts of things I can't even grasp clearly, and then this force of nostalgia-like want.

Like, I'll pick up a piece of paper and suddenly picture, very blurrily and indistinctly, a girl sitting on a chair on a porch, with the sun setting behind her (no fancy romantic purples; just a soft warm sun), and I'll freeze up and think "I want that."

or, "I want that back." "I want to remember this." or "I want to know more." or something like that.

But I can't. It lasts for a second or two, and it evaporates. Then all I have is this memory of a memory, and this huge feeling of want.
It's like having a tiny heart broken every few hours. It really hurts when the memory fades. Like when a crush rejects you, or you lose a friend or something. That stupid sharp pang in the heart.

It fucking sucks and it better stop.
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Post removed because feminazi.
What's the easiest rhyme and meter to work with?
My friends are having a day where we talk in nothing but poetry, we just have to decide what form we want to do.
I suggested iambic pentameter, but that's just because Shakespeare. We could really go for it and try to speak in nothing but villanelles. Or maybe in sestinas.
Did i miss something?
That you're both Pisces.
Someone just ban me already. Half of my posts are total idiocy. Christ.

Everything in my life is split into these three parts- fearful/timid/careful, over-comfortable/lax, and this tiny space in between where I get stuff right.... rise, fall, and peak.

That tiny space was probably a hundred posts ago. All I can do is decline.
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