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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTPs

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I thought that we could use a thread like this. I know there is a "confessions" thread, but that's not quite the same, and we haven't had a proper "INTP Madness" thread (which is my reading of "stream of consciousness") since the crush thread and it's ill-begotten clones were banished to the Land of Winds and Ghosts (also known as Spam World).

So (copying from the original):

Take issue with something going on in society?

Having a bad day?

Have something on your mind that wont go away?

Experience something so fabulous you just have to express it?

Accidentally sold your mother to a pimp in a back alley game of poker?

Have an idea, or discover something so amazing you must tell everyone?

Post your vent (or experience, idea, etc.) here!

This thread is not for venting about other members, the moderators, or the forum.
Don't over-spam the thread (I can't expect INTPs not to spam a least a little) lest it be sent screaming into the spam-abyss.
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I know that INTP and high IQ doesn't go hand-in-hand (hmm or maybe only the smart ones realize that they're INTP and find INTP forums?). It's plausible that INTP's online are over represented in the high IQ department and that the other INTP's are just clueless as to why they feel so outcast.

I've never taken a legitimate IQ test but I am self guesstimating that mine hovers around the 155 range give or take. I know this might be wishful thinking as well but I'm being realistic about it. 135 range just seems too low as people in this range I deem "above average" yet their logic still "pisses me off" sometimes. I've realized that my emotion of getting "pissed off" is actually meaning "frustrated" because I have to explain to someone else in detail what I already know to be true.
Remember that the SD of the IQ bell curve is 15 points centered on 100, with 95% occupying 2 deviations in each direction. In other words, an IQ of 135 is still considered Mensa justifiable and within the top 2% of the population. Also remember that some tests have sub-tests, so scoring above average in one section can and will significantly lower the score you get, no matter what your other subtests say.

When someone proposes a conjecture which I have already theorized and dropped as impossible-- it leads me to believe they are only behind in the race to the solution. My mind is fast and can hold many thoughts simultaneously. My sequential memory is not the best, especially because I smoke so much weed, but my ability to pull pertinent information out of past and current events is unbeatable.

I can instantly make analogies between the most incompatible subjects to elaborate my point and drive it home. The analogies come to me almost in a divine way, as the answer popped into my head. Except, I know the real working mechanism is that my brain can tap itself very easily horizontally, like I have tons of ram, I can process lots of information at once-- but storing that information is another thing.
Very true, and worded very appropriately aka followable. When thinking of my thought process, I do indeed see it as a computer with loads of ram (most likely 64-bit lol) and a multiple cores. Then there's virtual machines which can mimic the operating system of other people (chameleon anybody?) at the expense of hogging up some of the ram.

On the other hand (still agreeing with you {for some reason realized that i love parenthesis {{or is that parenthesi?}}) it seems like the harddrive is always powered off. so whenever i need to pull up information that isn't stored in the gigs and gigs of ram, it takes a while for the drive to spin up and for the appropriate file/schema/memory/whatever to be found. Making sense still?

Sidenote: you mentioned smoking. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to smoke for 2 months or so, but up until then I was smoking everyday. I found that my horizontal thinking was "overclocked" when high, much to my enjoyment. Being sober has given me the chance to think more linearly, but the increase in this areas is not as marked as the increase in the lateral thinking while stoned. /sidenote

And unfortunately, everyone i run into (with the exception of PerC folks, but I don't technically run into them) is just too slow. Thy're running outdated processors, still on WinXP. Always playing the catch-up game.

Here is where the irony sets in: If everyone is catching up, doesn't that make the one ahead the detriment to the group? Because if you don't intend on leaving everyone behind, which I do quite occasionally when it's obvious the person won't get it or when it won't help to explain, then you have to either wait for them to meet up with you on this metaphorical trail or else you have to back-track in the hopes of showing them the way, but expending your own personal energy. Either way, it's just inefficient.

Shen an intuitive turns on his/her "sensing" abilities-- it is impossible to store every external event as a memory. Especially when sensing is new for us and it's like a barrage of info coming at once. We can only filter and process and store what's relevant at the given time.
Using the computer analogy, I would say it is similar to using just a keyboard and a mouse. You can do everything you need to do with these, yet some people augment them with touchpads, drawing pads, webcams, microphones, etc. These allow for different, and simultaneous input, versus wherever the cursor is located. Maybe that was a good analogy, maybe not.

Attempt #2 at crazy weird analogy: Clicking multiple files in quick succession knowing that they will open as the computer processes them, vs. clicking on them one at a time and waiting for each one to open (N vs. S). Sure, you get the same result, but are they really identical? The first method processes everything simultaneously, but the chances of an error or mis-clicking are significantly higher than the slower but more tried and true method of opening them one at a time. I can think of many times in which I've rapid-fire clicked and dragged and done the whole works only to be disappointed that one of the files I thought I moved 10 or 12 clicks back didn't actually go to the recycle bin.

After typing this last section, I see that it has no bearing to what I quoted, yet is still relevant enough to be included.
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If you've a capacity for lateral thinking and intercomparing various systems/contexts but not so great of a memory, I'd suggest that perhaps you are too young to have properly developed your Introverted Sensing but developed your Introverted Thinking and Extraverted iNtuition quite well. It may also be possible that you're an ENTP who has Introverted Sensing as an inferior trait which isn't passively working. An INTP should be able to use Extraverted iNtuition to quickly make an assessment, use his Introverted Thinking to extemporaneously come up with a response, and call upon his Introverted Sensing to draw upon hindsight or recall relevant details.
Its not a matter of not having the memory. The memory exists, as do the relevant facts. Most people don't notice/care if their harddrive takes a while to read. But for those that do, that's why neww solutions such as SSD have been created.

I agree that I am still too young; I'm merely 20. Which according to my interpretation puts me right on track to developing my under-utilized tertiary.

As a finishing thought, most people that now me laugh when I tell them I want to work on my memory. Why? Because they consider my memory as good a reference as a computer. But to my high standards, there's always room for improvement. I don't settle for good enough for most people; I will only settle for good enough for me. Sign of immaturity? Maybe. But I'm on the right track.
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Don't know why the audio is higher than it's supposed to be (so they sound a little like chipmunks) and the video is swapped, but this is the best one I've found about this guy.
The first guy, when he did the day of the week calculation, I found the formula online a few weeks ago. It's actually really simple, but I never went an memorized. Thought it was interesting.
@Zombie Jesus,

Every post I read of yours is read in Farnsworth's voice. Just thought I'd tell ya!
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You know what grinds my gears? When people, NOT companies, say the price of something is $X9. $49. $19. $149. Why don't people call it $50??? or $50+ if you're subject to sales tax?? It makes you sound like an ignorant consumer who just listens to commercials all day and uses that as their method of deciding which items to purchase. ARRRGH!!!!
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you mean like at yard sales?
That could be applicable i guess. In this situation I asked a friend the price of something in casual conversation and just parroted back $49. Like, its one thing if a company uses it for marketing purposes, but it just irks me out that even the public when referring to the prices of something will resort to the "too-good-to-be-true" prices
unless it costs 49.99, if it actually costs 49 dollars, my need for precision forces me to say 49. Sometimes I will try to say 50, but then I feel the need to clarify that it is actually 49 but after tax... or whatever.
That makes sense. As a consumer with an entrepreneurial mindset, I would attract more customers if they only needed to use big bills without having to break them. Just sayin
Sometimes I think that I can imagine things into reality, and that conception is achievement. It would be a lot simpler if this were true.

I know I'm going places in life, I just have no clue where or if I'm even actually going anywhere at all. Paradox? Yes. Maybe. It makes a strange sort of sense in my head... sometimes. It's kind of like how I wish I could shut my thoughts off, but I don't. My thoughts are everything. Without them I am nothing. Less than nothing. Normal. Average. That would be terrible.
*sigh* too true, too true.
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