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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTPs

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I thought that we could use a thread like this. I know there is a "confessions" thread, but that's not quite the same, and we haven't had a proper "INTP Madness" thread (which is my reading of "stream of consciousness") since the crush thread and it's ill-begotten clones were banished to the Land of Winds and Ghosts (also known as Spam World).

So (copying from the original):

Take issue with something going on in society?

Having a bad day?

Have something on your mind that wont go away?

Experience something so fabulous you just have to express it?

Accidentally sold your mother to a pimp in a back alley game of poker?

Have an idea, or discover something so amazing you must tell everyone?

Post your vent (or experience, idea, etc.) here!

This thread is not for venting about other members, the moderators, or the forum.
Don't over-spam the thread (I can't expect INTPs not to spam a least a little) lest it be sent screaming into the spam-abyss.
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Some days I'm all like "hmm, I'm going to go check out some of the other subforums on here and see what everyone else is all about" since like, so many other types post in the INTP forum, so it's not like any forum is really that exclusive, right? But then I read some of them and I'm like, "well, I guess that doesn't really apply to me since I'm not XXXX type, so I won't respond" and then I come back here, but I have read all these ones already and lost interest so why can't I just go over there and answer some other questions that interest me, would that be so wrong? But it's like showing up at your neighbors' house uninvited because you heard they're having a party. At least, that's how I'm thinking about it, but that's probably just the introvert overanalyzer talking.

So anyway, after that I'm thinking, "well, I could just go to the general trends forums, or the enneagram forums" but the enneagram ones always bore me for some reason... I just can't get that big into the numbers, even though I like numbers, mostly. Maybe it's because it's a single number and not a complex number with four digits. I can always think of the MBTI as four numbers, or like binary numbers, which is awesome because they're just on/off switches, which is how I think my emotions work too! On/Off, On/Off, etc. MBTI types as binary...hmm... 1001... 1010....1011...0101... could be cool.

Anyway, back to trends. Sometimes I read them and they just seem dull, dull like the generation forums, jezuz I can't imagine anything more boring than those, but maybe it's just because I only read the Gen Y one? (Sticking to one category again....)


Got bored with writing this, so the rant ends here. Oh yeah, I'm fighting ennui tonight.
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Honestly, I just learned about the functions just recently. But I believe I have a pretty good approach when it comes to learning and was fascinated by the functions.
How did you learn it?
I do not know the exact situation, but i say the same thing sometimes. There are times when a child should listen first and ask questions later. Sometimes the reasons are to complicated to explain, and sometimes I just lack the patience, other times, I have already explained and the child is just being difficult.
/Takes away your INTP card.

You'll get that back when you're nicer to the children.
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My wife also took the test, confirming my suspicion that she's ESFP with a fair balance of S/N. The failure of this combination to routinely grok INTP grates on my nerves too often. I understood this intuitively before marriage (pre-learning-about-typology), but was more prepared to extend myself. I've become more selfish in the past couple years. And I wistfully miss my suspected-INTP unrequited love interest from college. Falling into rut... Must.. rebootstrap.. self....
Will you tell me more about your relationship dynamics? I have a slight interest in an ESFP and haven't been able to find much information on the INTP/ESFP relationship.
I just found out my little brother is also an INTP! :laughing: I am so happy about this. Most of the family is shaping up to be introverts so far. We've got two INTPs, an ISFJ, ISTJ, and ESFJ. Not sure about the others.
that's potentially like a 1 in 10,000 chance
are you going to use your powers for good or evil?
Well, both, obviously. :happy:
Maybe I was taking rejection too broadly and including ostracism. INTPs like to make a lot of being cold robot entities, and so I think like to portray themselves as being able to easily avoid rejection scenarios. Considering that the INTP style of thinking is well beyond the the norm, in terms of how the general populace see thing, I would have thought rejection in integral part of the INTP experience.
I think rejection is normal, the INTP method of handling it is not. If you reject an INTP, s/he will likely feel bad, get concerned about feeling bad while simultaneously analyzing the situation (what went wrong? does it matter?) and eventually (but quickly) go back to the place the INTP was before the rejection occurred. Because this process is largely internal, the outside world doesn't quite see that the INTP is cycling through it and may get the impression that the INTP doesn't care/have real feelings/etc.

I also think that because INTPs are wary of the Fe, they may avoid rejection situations and in potential rejection situations be more emotionally guarded, which actually helps. They walk into the situation going, "This is probably not going to work." If it works, they are pleasantly surprised. If not, the INTP is correct again and it actually validates the INTP's Ti, providing a weird ego-boost.

Does that sound like anyone else's experience?
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I had this idea of building a large tunnel that looks straight but every twenty meters or so it has a 1º curve, until it forms a circle. It would have to be dimly lit so you can't see the end and realize it's curved.

Then I would make people walk through it and analyze their reactions once they reach the end of the tunnel and find out they're at the beginning again.
But... how would they get in...? :/
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Oh snap. As Sheldon would say: "The only flaw in an otherwise perfect plan!"

But actually I would leave a gap to make an entrance and then blindfold people until they're inside the tunnel.
And you would need another tunnel to get into the tunnel, because otherwise you risk the light getting in and messing up the effect.

Edit: and if they're blindfolded, how would they know they returned back to the entrance?
Today I saw a guy on the bus who looked like L... down to the posture/body language/clothing. My first thought: "I bet that guy's an INTP."
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The boy scouts have never known this, but every time they have decided to be a hero in my presence, they have had a near death experience. The only things they owe their lives to is the presence of eye witnesses and my inability to make it look like an accident on so short of notice.

There are ALWAYS eye witnesses. They wouldn't be boy scouts if it wasn't for the presence of other people watching...
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There are some people who will never indulge your Ne, EVER and those people suck. :sad:
I think my female barista is sweet on me? She keeps giving me free coffee, or at a discount, or the price of a tall for a venti. Whats her angle...she also gives me muffins? Why cant women be direct like men. Then again, she is giving me free stuff, so that kind of counts...its like, hey im risking my job or a tongue lashing so you can have free caffeine.
Pay with a credit card next time. Write your number on the receipt. If she calls, she's into you.
I hate all the rollercoaster emotions that come along with liking someone. I want my emotions to be all flat-line and logical and easy to process. Not complicated and difficult. :sad:
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I hate all the rollercoaster emotions that come along with liking someone. I want my emotions to be all flat-line and logical and easy to process. Not complicated and difficult. :sad:
Welp, that's over. Welcome back, flat-line.
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I would say congrats that some sort of resolution was reached but am realizing it was probably not one you desired.
Nah, but you know, I saw it coming so I've been processing it for the last two weeks and feel pretty good overall about the way it happened. I'm in a pretty healthy mental state now and just looking at it as a sort of "eh, shit happens" or "fun while it lasted" deal. It's a but of a bummer, but I did have a brief moment of excitement this morning at the thought of being completely available again. Flirting can be fun. :happy:
Is it possible to make yourself physically unwell from exerting yourself extravertedly? (I'm not exactly sure what to call it...)
I think it is. I used to train people -- 16 hours of training, 4 hours at a time, generally over a week, sometimes two in a row. At the end of training weeks I would spend the entire weekend in bed. Not feverish, like you described, just physically exhausted.
I hate that when I find out an assignment is shorter or easier than I had originally planned, or if I find out the deadline has been extended, instead of completing it as I had originally planned, I just procrastinate longer with the new estimated completion time in mind.

And I hate that I'm so damn good at it too, because that makes it harder to get motivated to finish things early.
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My friend the ENFP is coming to stay with me in about a month. I was originally very excited until she sent me her flight itinerary, and instead of the 4-5 days I recommended, she decided to book my entire spring break, arriving the day after I end classes and leaving the day I start class again. So I'm looking at 8-9 days playing hostess and entertaining an ENFP. Oh my god.

I love her to death, but I don't know if I can handle that long without time "off." Plus, she, like every other ENFP I know, LOVES to talk about herself. I typically don't mind this because it means I don't have to say anything, but I would like to ... you know, share a bit of my life with her, without her flipping the conversation back to her own life. It's literally like this:

Her: So how's your love life?
Me: Oh, well I met someone new!
Her: Me too. I went to this party and this person came on to me and they were really forward I think middle aged people really like me (on and on).

And then I end up just asking her about her life. And she can talk for hours and hours and hours.

Plus it's now stressing me out because I wasn't planning on taking a week and a half off work and my internship. I really can't afford to take that much time off, so maybe I'll take a couple days to ditch her and go to work. Does that make me a horrible friend? I love her a lot but sometimes she is too much for an introvert.
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It was a form of punishment. It makes sense. It wouldn't have had the same effect if he had simply taken the laptop away. By shooting it, he was ultimately destroying her inflated ego. Those are my thoughts.

It makes sense if you see the video.
I thought he had a big ego and overreacted to typical teenage behavior.

One one hand, I appreciate the follow through (he warned her if she did it again, he'd shoot the laptop) and I think consistency is good parental behavior.

On the other hand, it troubles me that she might learn that this is an okay way to treat other people. It also bothers me that he essentially said he's going to humiliate her in front of all of her friends. That's awful. My parents spent plenty of time humiliating me and it took me a lot of time to grow a proper sense of self-worth.

I don't know what kind of home environment she has -- certainly mine was terribly unhealthy -- but her father reminded me of how my parents behaved. Moralistic, aggressive, demeaning, rigid. I don't think she has a lot of responsibilities for a teenager (at least not compared to what I grew up doing), and her parents seem to provide her with her needs, but I still don't believe it's right to punish through humiliation and physical destruction of property. What kind of example does that really set? In what world is that an acceptable way to treat someone?
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