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The (stream of conscious?) venting thread for INTPs

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I thought that we could use a thread like this. I know there is a "confessions" thread, but that's not quite the same, and we haven't had a proper "INTP Madness" thread (which is my reading of "stream of consciousness") since the crush thread and it's ill-begotten clones were banished to the Land of Winds and Ghosts (also known as Spam World).

So (copying from the original):

Take issue with something going on in society?

Having a bad day?

Have something on your mind that wont go away?

Experience something so fabulous you just have to express it?

Accidentally sold your mother to a pimp in a back alley game of poker?

Have an idea, or discover something so amazing you must tell everyone?

Post your vent (or experience, idea, etc.) here!

This thread is not for venting about other members, the moderators, or the forum.
Don't over-spam the thread (I can't expect INTPs not to spam a least a little) lest it be sent screaming into the spam-abyss.
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I can instantly make analogies between the most incompatible subjects to elaborate my point and drive it home. The analogies come to me almost in a divine way, as the answer popped into my head. Except, I know the real working mechanism is that my brain can tap itself very easily horizontally, like I have tons of ram, I can process lots of information at once-- but storing that information is another thing.
On the other hand it seems like the harddrive is always powered off. so whenever i need to pull up information that isn't stored in the gigs and gigs of ram, it takes a while for the drive to spin up and for the appropriate file/schema/memory/whatever to be found.
If you've a capacity for lateral thinking and intercomparing various systems/contexts but not so great of a memory, I'd suggest that perhaps you are too young to have properly developed your Introverted Sensing but developed your Introverted Thinking and Extraverted iNtuition quite well. It may also be possible that you're an ENTP who has Introverted Sensing as an inferior trait which isn't passively working. An INTP should be able to use Extraverted iNtuition to quickly make an assessment, use his Introverted Thinking to extemporaneously come up with a response, and call upon his Introverted Sensing to draw upon hindsight or recall relevant details.

I've noticed INFPs can go through a process which superficially resembles ours, but because of their lack of Introverted Sensing they'll often have trouble coming up with their own original insights and have trouble with more subtle distinctions and concept mastery. I've actually had an INFP go to great lengths to mimic me, but relied solely on his Ne and Si to do so; he would use his Ne to spot an opportunity for an interjection or snarky quip and call upon his Introverted Sensing for some canned response. Unfortunately, he would often do things like use words with inappropriate connotation or shoehorn something in — he didn't always have the best judgment when it came to his selection, even though he was able to spot an opportunity.

It actually bewildered me because he tested as an INTP and I recognized his use of the Ne and Si functions, but couldn't understand why he had trouble grasping certain concepts and struggled with nuance. I would imagine an ENTP would resemble an INTP in that they would have excellent use of Ne and Ti, but they wouldn't have seamless access to their Si "hard drive".
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thank you for this analysis, I can tell you have well above average understanding of the functions-- and more importantly how the functions relate to real word application
Honestly, I just learned about the functions just recently. But I believe I have a pretty good approach when it comes to learning and was fascinated by the functions.

I'm 28 and only started paying attention to that half of my brain in the last year or so; only in the last year have I become aware of my creative and feeling side-- very much so
It's quite possible you've simply squandered your potential by depending too heavily on your first two functions, or maybe you just recognize the Si process but see how it pales in comparison to your mastery of Si.

I'm in my early twenties and didn't learn to really utilize my Fe function until a couple of years ago, either. I would say an INTP really needs to have the proper conditions to flourish; he needs to pursue his own interests and be self-motivated, then he'll naturally have questions and his curiosity will serve as an impetus. If you really find something which intrigues you, you'll use your Ne to gather information, use your Ti function to play with it like Legos, then go back out searching for more little pieces because you've an idea what you need next for your structure — it's a self-perpetuating cycle which will continue until there's no more mystery left and interest wanes.

There may be some unproductive stretches or times where you have to deal with bothersome practical concerns, but if you want to continue to grow then you need to find a new abstraction in which to envelop yourself. When an INTP has genuine interest in a subject, he'll make inexorable progress until he's sated his curiosity.

so-- I am interested then, in how an INTP would "mimic" an INFP; the inverse situation of which you mention; you've made me think that I am either often doing this, mimicking an INFP-- what would be an example of mimicked INFP behavior vs real INFP behavior?
Well, the INFP could copy things he's seen or read and store it into his Si for later use. You could likely memorize certain behavioral patterns and phrases, spot an opportunity with your Ne to react in a way you think an INFP would — in this case, it would likely be making a value judgment, which could possibly be replicated with the Ti process — which would entail tapping into your Si's store of memorized shibboleths and affectations. The problem is that it may come across as contrived, but thankfully, as I understand it, individuals with Fi seem to be somewhat stolid and NT-like in their lack of outward expression, so it may be possible to pull off. Replicating an Fe process would require natural fluidity — I'd hazard you'd need to rehearse quite a bit, and even then may not be able to achieve a level of sprezzatura to be convincing.

So, I would guess the process of imitating an INFP would look like this:
- scrutinize a statement
- rather than be ambivalent or indecisive, take a side and make a judgment about this
- be consistent with your assumed value system and always see if something is in line with it
- look for opportunities to point out hypocrisy or tergiversations
- be judgmental; your Fi would feel a certain way about something which isn't congruent with your beliefs, and your inferior Te may make you want to take control of your environment to impose this value system, as people can be "wrong" and reproof is in order
- remember that you're constantly struggling with internal turmoil because you have strong views about how the way the world should be… and, of course, it isn't that way

You may also want to study INFP subjects for quite some time.

I'm not entirely sure why you would want to do something like this, but I don't mind entertaining hypotheticals.
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How did you learn it?
I glanced over the cognitive processes site (Understanding the Eight Jungian Cognitive Processes / Eight Functions Attitudes) and extrapolated the implications of these processes in my own mind. I was really interested in it, and so I kept coming up with hypotheses and tested these hypotheses by seeing what matched theory and observation. I also drew upon my memories to analyze things I've observed for a retrospective interpretation of these patterns, fitting them into the framework of the Jung/MBTI theory. I also tend to think about these things throughout the day, so I'm always "working on" it, so to speak; I'm a space cadet who'll just go through the motions to get through the day, but my mind is always someplace else.

This is a non-lexical explanation, but you should be able to see for yourself how this could be explained by the INTP functions. I'd actually advise you do this if you wish to gain an better understanding — as an INTP, it would behoove you to take an active, non-linear approach to learning, following your own intuition.
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As you can imagine, being an INTP and being forced to mingle and build rapport did not come naturally-- but this experience is responsible for my inverse INTP-abilities: sensing & feeling.

My INTP skills are honed very well since I've had a lifetime to practice them; but I am only recently learning the art of communicating with feeling
The development of these skills is quite good and should compliment your primary functions rather than detract from them. You need to be realistic and know where your strengths lie, but becoming proficient in your shadow functions will have practical use. Extraverted Feeling would come in handy in connecting with patients, and shouldn't be all too difficult for an INTP to develop; it's an inferior function, but still technically not a shadow process. Becoming well-rounded in this regard was referred to as individuation by Jung:

'The symbols of the individuation process...mark its stages like milestones', prominent among them for Jungians being '"the shadow, the Wise Old Man...and lastly the anima in man and the animus in woman"'. Thus 'there is often a movement from dealing with the persona at the the ego at the second stage, to the shadow as the third stage, to the anima or animus, to the self as the final stage. Some would interpose the Wise Old Man and the Wise Old Woman as spiritual archetypes coming before the final step of the Self'.
(Individuation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

I was fortunate enough to be in a relationship where my Fe could fruitfully develop, and since made a lot of INFJ friends which helped foster my emotional side. I've found this was a great way of achieving personal growth, but I suppose it's only natural that human interaction would be the way to sharpen your Fe.
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