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The Thing That Should Not Be: Confusion over 5 or 9

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Yes...I cannot figure out if I'm a Five or a Nine.

I've always tested Five. And watching some of the Enneagram videos on this forum definitely makes me think I'm a Five.

On the other hand, I don't Disintegrate towards Seven and I don't think I Integrate towards Eight. I Disintegrate towards Six--worrying, catastrophizing, second-guessing, prioritizing safety/security. And I Integrate more towards Three--feeling like, hey, it really is worth it to put on some lipstick and maybe a pretty scarf before leaving the house! That kind of thing.

So on that basis, I've concluded that I have to be an atypical Nine. And yet...the videos on this forum...the only area where I relate to the Nines is their gentle hands and low-energy affect. Otherwise, I fit in a lot more with the hyper-verbal, idea-machine-gun Fives.

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Try these Type Five - Typology Central Type Nine - Typology Central
Some short thoughts:
INTJ suggests 5 out of the two.
How would you describe yourself? How do you want to be like? 5's want to be desirable for their knowledge. 9's want to be calm, natural, collected.
5's distrust people a lot. So may 9's but we always give people the benefit of the doubt - for better or for worse.
Come back with your findings!
Thanks for your help. I relate more to the description of the Five...but a lot of the Nine material strikes me as extremely similar to the Five, just expressed in a different way. For example: Both are protective of their emotions. Both like to spend time alone pursuing their favorite activities--only with Fives, that's called "immersing themselves in whatever interests them," while with Nines, it's called "immersing themselves in their hobbies." This can make it difficult to really distinguish between the two.

Maybe I'm overthinking, which of course is a Five trait. I do self-identify as INTJ, though, and I know many INTJs are Fives.
Try these
...Come back with your findings!
Hi, newbie here.

A thought: What exactly is the basis for integration/disintegration patterns? Although enneagram can be useful in the sense that it can help one pinpoint one's characteristics/weaknesses (more by encouraging introspection than by anything else), the actual science/logic behind some the ideas aren't particularly solid (unless there's something I'm missing).
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