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This is our own brand new anger diary. Let off some steam, but don't break any guidelines! I start off:

Date & Time(dd/mm-yy): 10/10-10
What triggered the anger response: I had the most unpleasent thing happen to me. I had just woken up and decided to go for a morning stroll and then I met someone I hate, intensly- in the most unlikely of places. She's the only person that I hate, in fact.
Anger respons: I was so surprised, she lives 70 miles from here and it was just a coincidence meeting- we ended up talking quite politely for a couple of minutes.:angry:
Was it handled well?: I continued walking and didn't do much about it. It spoiled my day, I was in a lousy mood until the evening, not able to shake it off me. -No, it wasn't.
Something that could be done in the future to better manage anger: I must get the anger out of my body faster- perhaps scream into a pillow and hit the bed, or something equally constructive...

You may continue with the structure or do your own thing, questions taken from this site How to Keep an Anger Diary |
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