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I have always got along better with older people.

On the inside I definitely feel like a grumpy old man.
Actually, this was true of me growing up. I preferred the company of old people--all the life experience!

But that's the difference to which I'm referring: I understood I knew next to nothing about life while they had lived so very much--and I wanted to hear their stories and make sense of their experience, or just enjoy hearing the stories.

But today's young people, over all?

Know-it-alls who don't know much outside of what they pick up in pedestrian-level classes and popular web sites 'yet still' they'll make the most illogical assertions and back up the assertions with more illogical assertions, 'or' all-encompassing statements as though billions of individual human beings from various cultures 'should' all think, believe, act, change or stay the same as every other human being.

I'm overly-tired, and came across someone's bizarre reasoning for why I cannot be an INFJ, and it wasn't personal--my reaction.

I would have reacted internally the same if the assertion had been made about any other type based on limited (stereotypical) information.

Still, I'm glad you quoted to get my attention as I do usually (or used to, in person) enjoy the young, and one of my favorite groups were intelligent, curious-minded teenage boys as I am androgynous, i.e. not very girly and neither were they. :-D
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