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Broke, in the local library--no WiFi at home any more (busted, couldn't afford it), two blabber mouths won't shut up (a few chairs over) so I got ear plugs in, but:

I'm here with my husband; there is fresh, big snowflakes coming down; I got a best friend (My husband), another excellent friend (an INTP); weight training went really well; I couldn't afford to get my hair cut but someone stepped up and helps us pay the gas and my Jitterbug phone, although they didn't specify "You gotta spend it this way," and Pickles--although she her mammary tumor keeps growing--is happy, affectionate, feels safe, and my husband found a vet who will have her put to sleep when the time comes: $58 I think someone will lend us, and they specialize in caring for rats, how crazy is that! (Rhetorical.)

And someone wished me Happy Hanukkah instead of Merry Christmas, which for this Jew girl was such a surprise and delight.

So much more... like Beezus and Zanona are so funny, and have bonded with us now, which is great because when The Pickler goes, I'm gonna hurt, so much so that I can't go when she's put to sleep (if she doesn't go in her sleep before then): I've seen and been around too much death, too early.

Oh, chess!

I am improving, which I need because my episodic memory is going the way of my procedural and working memory leaving only my semantic and emotional memory basically intact, so I need every strategy I can use to not lose skills faster than I am.

And my friend (The INTP) was so kind: Came on here and let others know that I wouldn't be able to log in until I could get to the library (didn't know when that would be) and was, is otherwise one of the best people I've had the privilege to get to know and grow with in I don't know how long:

You rock Grep <3

Vent Over and Out.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Holidays everyone.

:monkey: :typingneko:
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