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I was doing a couple of more tests because I was bored.
I forgot how much I disliked it when tests asked whether I preferred to emphasize rationality and logic, or the emotions of other people.

My whole worldview is based on rationality and logic. If something doesn't make sense to me, it drives me up the wall, and I can't rest until I solve it.
I even have the tendency to write notes frequently, as it just helps me categorize my conclusions.
Also, if your conclusion doesn't make any sense, I have no problem debating the issue (depends on who you are though).

But with that being said, I am also very good at reading people and I will have a tendency to state my conclusions differently based on who I am speaking to.
When people have a change in attitude, it hits me subconciously like a kick to the gut. But that doesn't automatically mean I'll do anything about it.
I'll only engage when either someone else is in trouble, or if a person's emotions are getting in the way of the efficiency of whatever we are doing.
I'm not some spiritual guru, and I don't feel the need to jump into other people's problems if there is no need to.

Instead, I wish tests would ask better questions that seperated types. For example, an INFJ and INTJ seem very similar from an outside persepective and it can be sometimes hard to distinguish the two from one another.
I even thought I was an INTJ for the longest time, because their stereotypical behaviour matched mine frequently. I value logic, I tend to be cold and aloof (I don't share my feelings easily), and I don't get involved in people's problems unless I need to.
But there are a few underlying differences beneath the surface that can help identify one from the other.

Do you derive ethics from an external source (Fe), or do you derive your morals from experiences (Fi)?
Do you derive your conclusions from an internal logic (Ti), or do you derive conclusions based on external information (Te)?

INFJs and INTJs both value logic and reasoning, but the difference comes in where we get our logic from, and how we get our morals and ethics. For an INFJ, our logic is more internally driven, and our ethics are based not in our own experience, but rather, a set of external principles.
For an INTJ, it is the opposite. Their logic is based on external information, and their morals are based on their own subjective experiences.

While I valued logic and reasoning, I found that I often "screened" conclusions through my own mental processes, to see if the logic made sense to me or not.
I also don't tend to trust morality that is based on subjective experiences. It doesn't tend to be logically cohesive, and it can lead to people justifying anything based on how they feel at the present moment. So I tend to identify with principles that don't change with the enviornment, and I believe it makes me a more consistent individual.

Again, big differences. But I find that most tests just focus on the easy answers, and don't delve into anything more than surface-deep conclusions.

I guess that's why test are generally unreliable, and why I found identifying as an INFJ to be difficult at first.

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