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These vibes are everywhere..sometimes I almost wish for a tin foil hat..
The initial vibes aren't that bad, in fact I'd say they are useful. I had them since I can remember and they usually don't fail me. However..

...yeah it gets really bad when the vibes get to me and infect me with all those unwanted feels :\. Situation ripe with hidden conflict, passive aggression, hidden moodiness and the sort which are there and felt, but never openly manifest are the worst. Its like I just feel what emotions the other person is hiding / silently projecting and get these gut feelings as to why and what it really means.

The worst part thou is the anticipation of it all erupting suddenly. I guess I'm just trained for this since childhood, because my home situation ALWAYS had this tension to it, you could feel it in the air and anticipate the exact moment when the fighting, yelling, door slamming and plate breaking would begin.

Ugh...I'd want a bomb shelter to somehow isolate against this sort of crap.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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