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So, I love this game. I haven't seen any discussions about it yet, so here I am, making one.

This game had a beautiful story and amazing characters. And because I love it so much, I want to figure out what each characters's personality is.


Clem: INXP

Kenny: ESXJ

Katjaa: IXXP

Duck: ENFP

Carley: ESTX

Doug: ISTP

Lilly: XSFJ

Larry: ESFJ


Chuck: ESTX

Christa: ISXJ

Omid: ENXP

Molly: ESTP

Stranger: INFJ

I'm not very sure about these 馃槤

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Clem- INFx
Kenny- ISTJ
Katjaa- ESFJ
Duck- ENFP
Doug- INTP
Lilly- ESTJ
Larry- ESTJ
Chuck- ISTP
Omid- ENTP
Christa- ENTJ
Molly- ESTP
Stranger- IxFJ

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Lee - ISFP (At least that's how he seemed the way I played as him).
Clementine - INFP
Kenny - ESTJ
Katjaa - ISFJ
Duck - ENFP
Carley - ENFJ
Doug - INTP
Lilly - ESTP
Larry - ESTJ
Ben - ISFP
Chuck - ISTP
Christa - ENTJ
Omid - ENTP
Molly - ISTP
Stranger - INFJ

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I agree that Clem is probably an INFP.

It was unique to go from protecting her in season 1 of the game to playing as her in season 2. She's kind of a special character because she doesn't fit the mold of the cold, distant survivor archetype that we often see (ie Michonne, Jane). Clem is a compassionate idealist thrust into an unforgiving, dystopian world. I think it will be interesting to see how she develops as a character in season 3.

Luke - INFJ
Nick - ESFP, if I had to guess.
Pete - Has an IxTJ vibe.
Carlos - ESFJ
Sarah - IxFx, possibly INFP (maybe Sarah represents what Clem could've been if she'd been sheltered rather than taught to survive?)
Alvin - I want to say INTP. Keeps his head in a crisis, thinks ahead, plans, doesn't get involved in emotional drama. Seems like a Ti user.
Rebecca - ESTP?
Bonnie - ISFJ. Security-oriented above all, tries to influence others to say/do what she thinks will benefit the group; seems to be Si-Fe.
Mike - IxxP. Sarcastic, easygoing, tries to be decent, not a take-charge character.
Jane - INTJ is likely.
Carver - maybe a fucked up ENFJ?
Sarita - Not sure. ISFx? I don't know.

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Luke - ExFJ? I don't think he's Ni dominant.
Nick - I agree with ESFP.
Pete - ISTJ. Same for Carlos.
Sarah - INFP
Alvin - INTP sounds good to me.
Walter - NFJ stereotype. I'll go ENFJ.
Rebecca - Some sort of xSTx. ESTP is a good guess.
Bonnie - ISFJ
Jane - ISTP
Carver - No clue.

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Here are my best guesses, but I haven't watched the play-throughs in months.



Clem: INFx

Kenny: ESTJ

Katjaa: ISFJ

Duck: ESFP

Carley: ISTJ

Doug: INTP

Lilly: ISFP

Larry: ESFJ


Chuck: ISTP

Christa: INFJ

Omid: ENFP

Molly: ISTP

Stranger: INFJ


Carlos: ISFJ

Pete: ISTJ

Nick: ISFP

Luke: EXFJ

Alvin: INTP

Rebecca: ESTP

Sarah: ESFP

Walter: INFJ

Sarita: ISFJ

Matthew: INFP (not sure, as he makes a quick appearance)

Carver: ENTJ

Troy: ISFP

Mike: ISTP (not sure)

Jane: INTJ

Reggie: ESFJ (not sure)

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Luke - ExFJ? I don't think he's Ni dominant.
Nick - I agree with ESFP.
Pete - ISTJ. Same for Carlos.
Sarah - INFP
Alvin - INTP sounds good to me.
Walter - NFJ stereotype. I'll go ENFJ.
Rebecca - Some sort of xSTx. ESTP is a good guess.
Bonnie - ISFJ
Jane - ISTP
Carver - No clue.
I just played through season 2 episode 5 (I hadn't before making this post), and I have a few changes to make (spoilers below).

Walter - Thinking about it again, I'm considering Fi over Fe for him since he only saves Nick if you tell him that Nick is a good person rather than just like everyone else. While he could be an xNFJ, I also think INFP is a strong possibility.
Jane - Either ISTP or INFJ, but I'm leaning towards the latter at the moment because of her VERY Ni+Fe scheme in this episode.
Kenny - I've been reading up on dominant+tertiary loops, and after looking at the different combinations, I think he's an ESFP in an Se+Te loop. It just makes way too much sense considering his overly impulsive actions designed to enforce what he wants. Having said that, his Fi is also quite high - he just sometimes loses sight of it when interacting with others in the group.

ESTp-SLE, ESTP, 7w8?
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This is pretty old, but I felt like typing everyone :D

Lee - ESTJ (I made him more like a feeler, but he can hit hard and show no remorse quite often. He's also very orderly and naturally a leader)
Kenny - ESFP (He's too up his arse to use Ti over Fi. Trust me, I know)
Clemmy - ISFP (She seemed like a ne user as a kiddie, but she's grown into what seems like an ISFP)
Shawn - ENFP
Hershel - INTJ
Katjaa - INFJ
Duck - ESFP
Larry - ESTJ (As Lilly said, he was 'under a lot of stress'. Him and Lee seemed pretty similar in that way. Larry was very explosive under his stress, but went away on his own)
Lilly - ESFP (Lilly tried her hardest to be the leader. She also tried her hardest not to let personal feelings get in the way, but just like Kenny, they clashed heads for the same reasons. It was all about Fi and Te with these two.)
Ben - ISFP? (Could see him as an ISTP when I think about it, but where the hell is his Se? He doesn't use Si either really and isn't an intuitive at all. He doesn't use Ti either but I think he's a Fi user under stress using fucked up Fe)
Danny - INTP
Andy - ENTJ
Brenda - INFJ
Christa - ISTJ
Omid - ENFP (The opposite couple :D)
Molly - ISTP
Doug - INTP (obviously)
Carley - ESFP (another one)
Chuck - ISTP
Vernon - INTJ (maybe a Perciever? Did he plan taking the boat or did he just do it on a whim? So many questions could be asked about that twat, but he cared about Clem enough to ask Lee about it but still endanger her future by taking the boat)

400 Days (Lemme attempt this bitch)

Bonnie - ENFJ (I could even see her as an ESFP considering how she acted, but S2 made me see different)
Russell - ISFP
Vince - ENTP (Pretty smart in a NT way. Pretty vocal too in S2 for the two seconds we saw him)
Danny - ESTP
Justin - INFP (I though 'omigosh thinker' at first, but he seems very Fi and Ne orientated. I don't know really, I might have to play it again just to see)
Tavia - ESFP (A bit of a bullshitting one at that. With the cigarette thing, she acted very Percieverish. I would have said ESFJ, but I saw Fi and Te in her instead of Si and Fe)
Shel - ISFJ
Becca - ISTP
Wyatt - INFP
Eddie - ENFP (I can't go out there Wyatt. Not if it's a person)
Nate - ESTP (Typical example of a broken one)


Luke - ENFJ
Pete - INTJ
Alviiiiiin - INTP (His opinion is wavered pretty easily tho XD)
Rebecca - ESFJ (Yes, she was a bitch for five minutes. Every other episode after that, she was and thought about her baby and what would be best for her baby, but didn't ultimately seem like a future orientated person.
Nick -INFP (An ISFP wouldn't have shot Matthew down imo. He misread the situation in a way I couldn't see a Se user doing.)
Sarah - ESFP (Not very vigilant, but not very future orientated either)
Walter - INFJ
Matthew - *Freddie Mercury's voice* God knows! (Probably some kind of SP... wish we got to know him. He was friendly though, so I think he could have been an ISFP or ESFP)
Sarita - INFJ (Another Katjaa. She was brought in to remind us and it frikken made me mad. I wish she got to be more of her own character instead of Kenny's second dead wife)
Carver - Motherfukcin ENTJ
Troy - A bit twat, probably an ESFP who thinks he's bad but just ain't. Could have been an ISFP too.
Jane - INFJ
Mike - ISTP
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I agree with most of these (especially Clem as an ISTP) except I would change the following:
Molly - ISTP
Notice how she dodges questions coming her way about herself, her past and her thoughts. Even though she is quite badass, her introversion is a lot more prominent because of this. You could attempt to type her ISFP but her (most) prominent trait is Ti which is obvious.

Lee - Dependent on the player
We can't judge/type Lee because all his choices are quite varied (same for Clementine in S2). He has the same personality as the player.

Stranger - INFP
His entire reason for kidnapping clementine was based on his feelings. He was hurt and offended by the group stealing his belongings from his car, and that she was in stressful situation a child should never have to go through. The offense he faced was the drive and the motive for him to kidnap clem, which was (after some observation) based on his feelings.

Kenny - ESFJ
He is definitely extro, his aggression towards Larry (and sometimes Lee prove this). He is very outgoing and puts his ideas across very confidently. Also, like stranger, his drive is based on his emotions (namely Clem, Katjaa, Sarita and Duck).

Vernon - INTJ
He is predicting what would happen should Clem be in the care of Lee. He suggests Clem would be in safer hands with him (referring to his feelings about Clem's future rather than thinking about how far Clem has gotten with Lee).

Christa - (S1) ESTJ (S2) ESFJ
The death of Omid had a massive impact on Christa's decisions. For instance at the start of S2, Christa doesn't want to talk with Clem because she still remembers and misses Omid. Her feelings take over her decisions in season 2.

Ben - IxFP
There is no way in hell Ben could possibly be an ISTP. He lacks the calmness an ISTP maintains. Eg when being confronted by Lilly, he freaks out whereas Carley (ISTP) is assertive while in a calm(er) manner. Ben is also too selfless to be an ISTP for instance when Lee has the choice of letting go of Ben or pulling him up, Ben will tell Lee to leave in order to save Lee's life. Also, Ben is emotional when he has to leave the man that got himself caught in the bear trap, which later affected his decisions. Depending on Lee's behaviour with Ben, he will vary between Se and Ne.
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