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I'm reading "Primal Marketing" today - written in 2006.

You could say the ideas from the pages of this book, are really human nature, I suppose. I'm not one of those people who think marketing or business is anything "dirty". But I am troubled that we have floods of advertising with no real product. Well, the product is the message - amounting to everybody being a shock jock.

The part that bothers me is the same thing I never liked in high school - Identity politics, factions, partisanship. You see it everywhere! GamerGate, MGTOW, Political parties and TV news, Race attitude manipulation, ISIS and other religious fervor "branding" is everywhere.

If you pick a faction to suck up to and an enemy ("pagans") to inflame - you can get thousands of YouTube subscribers overnight. Do I need to face the facts and do this? Or will it blow over? Are people getting tired of this or is it part of the new normal?
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