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Lift off the opaque veil of the 'public persona,' and a very different individual cowers in its shadows. Shine the flashlight into the darkness of hatred, and an inner dungeon of emotional pain lies exposed before your eyes. Gaze into the glass of someone's eyes as they speak to widen the aperture to the fuller meaning they are communicating. Peel off the veneer of superiority and underneath hides a desperate feeling of inferiority. So much of this world is not at all what it seems. We INFJs love to open the curtains that cloak reality and see what is really behind there...

I remember working with underprivileged children and lifting this curtain....outside the curtain was their obvious misbehavior, their mistreatment of others. Many concluded that they just needed strict management and discipline to keep them under control. But within the curtain, this out of control, even antisocial behavior often betrayed the pain they felt from dangerously unhealthy home situations, their lashing out due to the grief of being abused and unloved, their longing for attention due to parental was all a silent and easily-misunderstood cry for help. My heart went out to them and I felt a special affection and motherly concern for them as it was impossible not to sense their desperate craving for caring attention. The hardest among them softened and became docile under the influence of genuine love. They just really needed someone to love them.

What are some of your experiences lifting the curtain...your insights into the real meaning behind often-misunderstood negative behavior?
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