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The thing about people is that they are too quick to judge and they only see just the surface of a person's personality. Some people will never be able to take the time to really see past the fake facade that others put up to fool the world.

Thankfully, INFJs can 'unveil' the curtain and see past the mask and see the true person inside.

My two best friends are amazing. One is dark and often misunderstood. She is intimidating and hates a lot of people because of their stupidity alone. (She can't look past appearances of others and sometimes underestimates them.) It is hard to be friends with her sometimes, but it is so worth it. While others may stay clear of her, I am allowed to become her confidant and best friend.

My other best friend is always happy and helpful. She is the girl who always has a shoulder you can cry on. The thing is, many people don't care about her and her problems and she needs someone's shoulder to cry on too. I knew from the beginning that she isn't always perpetually happy and I listen to her troubles when no one else will.

I always try to look deeper and ask myself why others act a certain way and I try to understand and help them. I would think about the motivation about why did that girl bully me in middle school. Family problems? Scared of seeing "different" people and she doesn't know how to act? Trying to impress her friends? Trying to be my friend in a twisted way? I never found out, but I have closure now because in my mind I forgave her for her cruel words because she is probably a different, more mature person now who has grown up.

There are also small moments in my life when I try to help others and sometimes, something just clicks, and the world seems a little bit brighter.

I strive to help others and to see the world beyond the curtain.
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