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Working at a pizza place (first job ever as a teen). Boss was so temperamental, I nicknamed him 'the pizza nazi'
Customer Service for a Credit Card company
Furniture Salesperson on commission
Customer service at 3 other call centres
Cashier at a fast-paced coffee and donut shop
Hostess at a restaurant
Loss Prevention for a grocery store chain
Working at Subway (I didn't bother to show up on my 2nd day into the job)


Disability Support Worker at an agency
Team Manager at another disability support agency


My present job
Cashier at a grocery store (for whatever reason it wasn't that bad)
Cashier at a dollar store (it was meh, but I was 17)

Fuck, I've had so many jobs. Only 34 years old.

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Worst: Owning a café (with my mother as business partner). Don't recommend women to own cafés or bars. It was months of living in fear because drunk men would constantly come in and get physical, I often had to call either my mother's husband to come solve a situation of sexual harrassment or the police. Also every Saturday morning (I was in charge of opening at 7am) I would be alone there getting the machines ready for the day and I would get a flood of drunk young men who had been partying since friday night, all thru the night, and bars would close at 6'30am, so they would come to the café in search of more alcohol. Seeing a pretty young lady made them aggressive and all sorts of ugly. I was terrified every day. This happened every single Saturday, to the point where we came up with the solution to close on Saturdays and open Sundays instead. The first week went well, until again drunk men who had been partying on Saturday night would come in and the whole situation would reinstate itself. There came a point where I wouldn't open until 9am, hoping that the drunk all-nighters wouldn't come in and would go home instead. Didn't really work.
I liked making coffees and cooking and baking cakes, and the creative side of drawing and painting and decor and stuff. I loved being my own boss and not responding to anyone other than myself and doing whatever I wanted, like if I wanted to sit down I would, if I wanted to serve myself a cup of coffee or tea, I did. I asked zero permissions. I loved that people commented all the time about how comfy we had made the place; they commented on the art on the walls, the music I chose (mostly Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen...), the warmth of the colors of the walls... I loved that people felt so good there, especially the hospital workers on the opposite street. They had a high-stress job saving lives, and I liked that they came to my place on their lunch break to recharge.
I hated serving alcohol, the daily sexual harrassment, weekly calls to the police, etc.

Best: Never had a good job. Gun to my head, I'd say working at a train station because I was alone most of the time and I could read books behind the counter and they paid me a lot per hour. A lot.
The downside was constant drug dealing inside the station & having to call the police every other day. Also having the drug dealers wait for me at the end of my shift and following me around, talking to me, threatening me, and a bunch of other crap. The money was worth it though.. .like seriously I've never been paid so much money in my entire life xD

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I've actually enjoyed all of my jobs.

Here they are:

* I sold popcorn and candy at a movie theatre
* I sold video games at a video game store
* I worked in a marketing think tank
* I worked in a political think tank
* I did data analytics and developed models for Fortune 500 companies
* I've been a librarian
* I've done a whole bunch of strategic consulting (hiring, firing, marketing, sales, etc.)
* I've done a lot of fundraising
* I've done the start-up thing and venture capital

I've enjoyed all of my work and have learned a lot from each part. I loved sales because I got to make a whole bunch of short-term friends. Marketing allowed me to tell stories. Data analytics and think tank work helped me develop stories to tell. The consulting work kinda put it all together. Fundraising is fun because it's sales with a good cause. And, start-up work is interesting because you get to help people see their dreams come true :)

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Ranking from best to worst. During some jobs, I switched roles, which I'll separate for this post.

Substitute Teacher: people really like the job I do; I don't take much stress home, and I can take days off without any fuss.

Accounts Payable (same as below but I got promoted to a low-level leadership position)

Accounts Payable (as an insignifant drone in a huge department with good bosses, and the job was criminally easy, more coding than accounting)

Accounts Payable (as an insignificant drone in a somewhat large department with shitty bosses)

Accounts Payable (as a one-person department). Avoid jobs where people only notice you if you screw up. Also inferior Te=LULZ

Retail (Best Buy working in inventory)

Warehouse job: was great exercise at least.

Classroom teaching during my year from hell. Learned to not accept just any/every teaching job.

Retail (Best Buy working the games/music/movies section). Really random hours, I hate selling.

Retail (Best Buy working Loss Prevention, no other job even comes close)

Ayatollah of Coca-Cola
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I have a track record of some pretty crappy jobs over the past ten years. Some were enjoyable at times, but most have been pretty dreary. Here's a look at them all.

Actor in a community t​heatre play
Summer of 2007. First official job I ever had, just after graduating high school. Kind of silly. We just sat around all summer rehearsing a script that was made up by the coordinator of the program, and then we ended up putting off the play at the end of the summer for a few nights. This was during a pretty bleak and confusing time in my life so I don't really look back on it with much joy. At least I can technically say that my very first job was as an actor at age seventeen.

Green Depot operator
Held this job for three summers in my hometown. Didn't mind it too much aside from how dirty and yucky it could be at times. Really enjoyed the times I worked there when I was by myself because there was little supervision and you knew what you were doing each day. Very self-directed and not complicated. Some days it was super busy and other days it wasn't. Probably the most comfortable I've felt at any job. The first two summers there synced up with a time in my life when I was really doing well so I look back on it relatively fondly. It was a nice little intermission between school semesters.

Playground supervisor

This one I don't have much recollection of because it was the summer of 2012, and as anyone who has read many of my posts here knows, that whole year I was in a supermassive black hole. It was another summer job program where they just had students assigned to various jobs around town, and my gig that year was to maintain the new playground the town had invested a lot of money in. Opening it up in the morning, closing it at night, and basically trying to keep mischief and vandalism to a minimum. A pretty dreary summer in an overall miserable year. They also had me hosting the town's weekly local radio/TV bingo as a supplement to this gig.

Dishwasher at a cafe
This was my shortest gig. Lasted all of three weeks if I remember correctly. It was the first job I had after moving here to the city in 2014. Job duties including washing dishes, washing dishes, and... washing dishes. There was one day I peeled a pile of parsnips though when there were no more dishes to wash. So that was fun. Finally decided to quit because I thought watching paint dry or grass grow might have been more interesting and lucrative.

Warehouse assistant at a publishing house
Oh boy, this one was a blast. Not. This was boring and dreary as fuck. I spent 9-5 Monday-to-Friday in a big warehouse out in the middle of nowhere, putting together orders for a publishing house to ship out. I mastered the art of putting together boxes and using a tape gun in the five months I was there. The whole environment wasn't that interesting. The guy who supervised me could be a dick at times. The owner's wife had a terrible reputation. It kept me pretty self-sufficient for five months though and led to a great tax return the following spring, so there was that.

Clerk's assistant at a bookstore
Much like the dish-washing gig, this one was boring and short-lived. It came at the end of an employment skill-building program I participated in throughout the first part of 2015. The bookstore itself was very independent and very tucked away. It was literally in the basement of a coffee shop. The whole place was pretty hipster and I didn't feel comfortable there. It was also very boring. There was literally nothing to do most days. Long hours, very small space. Felt like prison. If it were not for the income, I would have been vastly more productive during the day if I were unemployed.

Barista at Starbucks
...and here we have my most recent gig. At a whopping eleven months, this one far outlasted all the others. This one was a gigantic learning experience. My first significant foray into heavy duty customer service. Without question the most stimulating work environment I've ever been in. Quite easily one of the busiest Starbucks locations in the city, in the middle of a very busy shopping district. I could write a book about those eleven months. A handful of positives, an overwhelming amount of negatives. I learned how to deal with a lot of assholes and rich snobs. I worked with so many cunts I could probably apply to be a gynecologist at this point. I learned many things about coffee that I didn't know. I could most likely concoct a Frappuccino at home now if I wanted to. I probably would still be there if I could control my frustration and temper with the fast pace and crowds. It really got to me at times. I definitely grew a lot there though and, for good or ill, it exposed me to a lot of things I find stressful and forced me to deal with them.

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Worst job I ever had. There have been so many... I would have to say waiting tables at TGI Friday's. And no, I don't want to talk about my "flair".

Best job was conducting avalanche research and developing avalanche education programs in Japan under a grant from the Japan Ministry of Science, Education, and Culture. I didn't have a boss, I was on skis running around the mountains and digging in the snow every day. I did valuable work that has saved lives in the mountaineering and skiing communities in Japan. My grant was only for 18 months, but I stretched my stay out over 4 years by commuting back and forth, teaching climatology as an adjunct at universities in both the US and Japan.

My job right now is a'ight. I have the best boss I've ever had in my life, which makes dealing with all the bullshit a whole lot easier. But when people behave badly, it's terribly frustrating and anxiety-producing. I really do not like it when somebody promises a client that I will do something without asking me. That makes my blood boil. One person did it two days in a row and another did the same thing yesterday... all this while I was transferring all my work and software to a new computer and fighting with Adobe over licensing. I had to drop everything to deliver what they promised because I don't want their lack of integrity to harm our clients or our relationship with our clients. I never had to deal with that in Japan. I'm just hoping I can survive 5 more years in this job until I am 66 and a few months. Then I hope we can find a way to move back to Hokkaido.
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