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I have this theroy that the people who are introverted have strong independent minds and extraverted people have not so strong independent minds but they rely on other things outside of themselves to keep themselves strong.

I think there is always two people existing in every person, one who tells themselves what to do and one who does everything. In the sense that one is a 'voice' and one is a 'body'. So in some senses and extraverted person has an introvert talking to them all the time in their head, which is why they are louder than that voice, because anyone could easily overpower and introverted voice. Then of course vice versa, introverted people have extroverts talking to them all the time, which is why they reach so high in their ambitions alot of the time.

I also have this other theory that if you were to type you voice what you would have to do is change the first and last letters of your type and then identify the qualities of that type and then see that perhaps at times you try to emulate them or reach to do what they represent. For instance my voice would be an ENFJ, in that I want to 'give' great stories to people all the time yet I am much more introverted than they are. I would also argue there is a slight ESTP quality in my head and well. The kinda 'do this', 'do that' 'experience this' 'experience that' kinda thing. It can be more fasinating to idealise and imagine what it would be like than actually do it.

Consider if you think this could be true and get back to me. Thanks.
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